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Most awesome renting story ever

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by russ, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Current landlord of 2.5 years wants to sell so we gotta move.
    We found a nice place to move into.

    Signed the lease to move in on 10 september

    gave our notice to move out of the current place on 11 September

    ordered the removalists, booked the day (started packing).

    today Landlord defaults on loan. ](*,)

    so now we've got to go and we've got nowhere to go to :LOL: :cry:
  2. Now maybe I'm wrong, but that would seem less than awesome... perhaps sub-awesome...

    Hell that downright sucks!

    Truck to Millers Self Storage then on to mum's place???
  3. toowoomba? I'd prefer the street thanks :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Smile sweetly at current landlord, I guess???
  5. Edited: Misread OP post!
    I'd lean (politely) on the estate agent and suggest that it is thier mess, they fix it.

    PM me if you want further info.
  6. hi tramp ( :LOL: )

    thanks for the offer. I've actually called consumer affairs about this. If all else fails we can force him to honour the agreement, but all that comes to nothing if the bank take possession because then they can give us 28 days to move out.

    The real estate agents have been very quick to try fix it up (becuase ironically I had seen a similar story in the age and had asked the very specific question about the landlords situation which they said was all good). We're inspecting two similar properties today...
  7. Yes the bank could give you notice! CA is correct, not worth the effort.

    Funny about that. OK glad to hear all is cool.
  8. Sorry I have missed something...
    The new landlord has defaulted?
    or the existing one?
  9. the new one. about 5 or 6 days after we signed the lease (edit: and gave notice to our old one)
  10. Now that seriosly SUCKS!
    though you do have a contract with them, There has to be some protection...
    Speak to the tramp