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Most are incompetent at merging

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grendel, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. Don't know if there is an existing thread, but here goes...
    Do Aussies have a lane merging problem?
    I didn't quote the tables as they don't format well.

    Full report: Austroads - Review of Motorway Entrance Ramp Acceleration Lengths.
    Too many dumb a$$es not looking over their shoulder and generally not being fit to hold a license.

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  2. What like the imbecile who crept onto the M4 at Penrite in front of me on Friday barely doing 60kph out into the expressway as the passing semis were forced to move right into the next lane doing 110 or roll over the top of her and me too who couldn't get past her. Would speed kills have any influence here. The pedal on the right seems to terrify some,even when it really needs a hard push
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  3. Pedal to the metal it takes the 30T brick on wheels when fully loaded using most of the available 16 ratios, 1.5kms to get from 0 - 100kph.........don't know of to many freeway on ramps long enough to merge at like speeds.

    That said, I agree the standard of merging onto freeways in Mexico by the majority of cardigan wearing Honda, Camry, Volvo, suv, et all drivers is nothing short of fcuking hopeless.
    But singling out these head scratching, couldn't successfully operate a can-opener, pathetic attempts at drivers over this one issue is nonsense.
    Its just the tip of the iceberg in relation to their litany of daily follies.
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  4. It doesn't help when the on ramp design holds the local limit so late. In NSW the motorway speed could typically set 100-200m earlier than it current is. Some people just insist on sitting on the local limit until they are past the sign and then start to accellerate. With modern, heavy, cars it's no wonder so few are up to speed by the time they get on the motorway.

    Then there is the early mergers. and then there is the people they won't let others merge. There needs to be a national TV campaign
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  5. But - I thought that speed was unsafe... Slower = safer...

    So they've wiped off five - surely that must be safer than increasing one's speed just to match everyone else's speed. And going slower must be safer again...

    In fact, by merging onto a ramp at a slower speed, that would force other traffic to slow down as well (if they can't get onto another lane), thus making the whole road safer. Merging at slower speeds is doing a good public service, and warm fuzzies can be had...

    ^^^ This is the mindset that the governments have been creating with their campaigns. It's no wonder that most people are incompetent at merging.

    From what I can tell, the ideal merge speed changes on the conditions. Driver/ride to the conditions. Some times it's safer and better to exceed the speed limit for a short time to fit in the right space. However this sort of mindset is condemned with the wrath of the government from all levels.
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  6. #6 Geoff3DMN, Dec 14, 2015
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    Having been booked in the past for accelerating on the merge ramp not long before the change of limit sign I'm somewhat sympathetic with people who don't.
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  7. Worst I have seen....last slip road onto the F3/M1 heading south, a fairly steep downhill section....
    Doddery old bloke (not me!) potters down slip road at about 30kph, reaches the dotted line and STOPS!

    Lucky for me, I was still at the top of the slip road and could stop safely to watch the ensuing carnage.
  8. "Speed Kills" is incompatible with "get up to freeway traffic speed before you merge". Slower is safer, right?

    One of the big problems with our freeways here in Mexico is, when traffic gets a little thick, drivers don't keep a decent space in front of their car. That means that merging traffic cannot find an easy gap to slot into, which means that they have to slow down in case they reach the end of the merge lane without having found a space. Then when they force in, they are not up to speed. There is a similar problem with drivers who wait until the last possible moment to merge, instead of merging as soon as a space is suitable.
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  9. Incompetent mergers are on my same 'free punch to the face' list as those who brake check heading through a green light intersection "Just in case it changes"

    Kyle Sandilands is on top of my list.
  10. The more I read of that report, the less it makes sense. It reads like the only submissions were made by those with a vested interest in reducing the infastructure costs involved in current on-ramp lengths. The entire premise of bringing vehicles up to a safe speed was completly thrown out the window.

    Yet another waste of tax-payers money.
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  11. 11226555_10153628239520101_2097872620903438240_n.
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  12. Pompy that used to be the case but having seen some of the on ramp designs around Melbourne I honestly believe that in some cases that's not the primary concern in their design.

    There are on ramps with loops so tight that they preclude speeds greater than about 60 to 70kph.

    There are on ramps with stop/go lights situated so close to the end of the ramp that they don't allow smaller vehicles to achieve the speed of the traffic before the shortened merge lane runs out.

    And there are merge lanes where the vision of the merging traffic is blocked because of 'safety' barriers so the merging traffic has no view of the traffic they're merging into until the point of the actual merge.
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  13. The report indicated that not only was speed matching a
    The report not only indicated that speed matching was not only the aim, but merge lanes could be shortened because modern vehicles accelerated more quickly.
  14. Our 21 year old owns and drives a Suzuki Alto (which is 2 years old and was bought new), it's got a 1 litre motor and an automatic transmission. The statistics quote 0 to 60 mile per hour as 13.1 seconds, but with 2 people it's more like 14 seconds.

    That's insufficient to reach 'merge speed' from the stop/go light she travels through on a regular basis.

    With more and more buyers opting for more cars with better fuel economy and less and less traditional 6 cylinders selling average city car performance is likely dropping rather than improving.
  15. Agree. Cars are getting heavier in general. There seems to be a false assumption here that they have greater accellerating capability when in fact they are likely worse on average.
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  16. Up here in Townsville, people park on the on ramps and wait for an invitation to join the flow.
    When two lanes merge, those in the right lane do what they can to stop those in the lane coming to an end from "stealing" their position in traffic, so it's no wonder I guess.
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  17. Problem is as follows:

    My common sense does not necessarily match that of the other driver(s).

    For e.g I'll accelerate to get into position to match a certain gap in traffic that has been identified and "preselected" in my mind as best to go thus now mine in my mind. Think zippers. Problem is that shit for brains on the freeway suddenly accelerates as he/she decides they don't want my car/bike in front of them, and boom, gap no longer exists*

    *not an insurmountable issue as both bike and car are quick :) - just trying to explain a commonly experienced problem.
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  18. My STI Subaru had no issues reaching freeway speeds before the end of the on ramp but neither does my 1.4L Suzuki Swift. The performance argument is pretty irrelevant. It's all driver related.
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  19. How does that work. Is it a speed camera on the ramp or a police vehicle that was unluckily behind you?
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    It's not the ramps that are the problem, it's the drivers. You see, Australian drivers are doing their level best to get into the Guinness Book Of Records
    for being the most complete fvck ups on the planet... And Victorian car drivers are leading that charge by a large margin.

    Earlier in this thread someone in Townsville complained about "mergers" up there... If you read this mate; I spent 3 years driving (and riding) in Townsville 04 05 06... Car drivers up there deserve medals for "Excellent Driving" compared to the arse clowns in and around Melbourne.
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