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NSW MOST and aftermarket exhausts?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jacks0n, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. So I'm doing my MOST this weekend (NSW pre-provisional test).
    I read on a website that you need to make sure the bike you bring to the MOST is roadworthy (no surprises there...), however one of the items it mentions is a 'Compliant exhaust system'.

    Am I going to have any issues doing the most with my Yoshi TRC slip-on?

    It is relatively loud, and doesn't have the silencer installed, but I haven't been hassled by the plod in the last 3 months of riding everyday so not sure if I will have any issues?

    As for the silencer, it's never been installed and I'm loathe to install it as after trying it on, I notice it's a very difficult fit and may not come back out once it's installed...

    I'm assuming many others would have done the MOST with an aftermarket exhaust so hoping you guys can comment on your experience.
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  2. a guy at my most had a straight pipe on his ninja 250R with no silencer, guys at hart didnt mind.

    If i was you i wouldnt bother with the baffle. you should be fine.

    EDIT: i remember getting the baffle out of my mates musarri pipe on his gs500, it was a huge biatch to a point where we started to question weather or not the baffle was in fact removable.
  3. I wouldn't worry, NSW isn't that quite that petty yet.
  4. I lent my vtr250 with a loud-ish staintune on it to do his p's test at Unanderra (wollongong area) and all was ok. I did offer to put the factory one back on but wasn't needed.
    Good luck with your test...
  5. Bump - my Z300 has an MGP Growler - whats the go these days with aftermarket exhausts and the MOST test?
  6. they probably won't say anything unless you fail the attitude test ;)
    but are well within their rights to tell you to piss off and put stock one/baffle back on..
  7. Bump. Anyone done it on an xvs650 with V&H cruzers?

    I'll laugh if anyone tried with short shots.
  8. When doing my Ls, there was a guy on a two stroke dirt bike doing the MOST, his stopping technique locking the rear wheel. The instructor smiled every time hahaha.
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