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Most amazing graffiti ever.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. That is *&^$ing amazing.
  2. Complete awe...., I'm in it now. :shock:

    That was fcuking fantastic! :grin:
  3. I still don't like graffiti.
  4. Visually that was amazing. Wouldn't call it graff, more like lifesize animation. Amazing, nonetheless.
  5. now I am not braggin', but before real graffiti was invented we poor uni students used to do stuff around Carlton.

    One piece of graffiti I did was, on a "no standing sign", and texta "only dancing underneath. It appeared in a Rene Ellis book on grafitti in the mid 70's??
    Anyway, there is now an exhibition in Melbourne of Rene Ellis's work called "no standing only dancing"

    No standing only dancing
    Photographs by Rennie Ellis

    Am now going to search the book case and find that piece.
  6. Thats fantastic, just watched the short movie.

    I don't agree with graffiti (especially when you need to scrub it off your own truck) but that was great.
  7. The best true grafitti ever was in a railway tunnel near Erskineville, back in the 50's. I know, because I saw it there when I was a little boy. I didn't understand it then, but I saw it often enough to remember it.

    Someone had painted, "My mother made me a homosexual".

    Under it some wag had replied, "If I get her the wool, will she make me one too?"
  8. When I lived in Richmond there was a "free Albert Langer" sign on a brick factory wall across the road and round the corner. My teenage sons painted a set of cricket stumps on the wall under the sign, cause that was the wall they used to bowl at. The National trust classifiesd "the grafitti on wall" including the cricket stumps!! (First piece of graffiti to be "classified" in Melbourne. ) Was not long before the spray can artists came and covered the entire wall,with there own stuff.
  9. That warms my cockles :)

    I remember, in early teens, seeing scribble graffiti in back-alley Brunswick "Jesus loves you" and underneath someone had written "Mohammed loves you more"

    Still makes me chuckle
  10. Have just flicked through the Rennie Ellis book "Australian Graffiti" which was published in 1975.
    Could not find my "No standing" sign with "only dancing" underneath. Must be another book....

    What struck me as a person who lives inner city and has beeen exposed to so much graffiti is the simplicity and humour of the early stuff.
    ie Fight inflation..... make the filthy rich pay

    An ad on a wall for Glen Iris bricks
    ... graffiti underneath " no one wants to be trapped inside a fantasy"
  11. My favourite graffiti I've seen was on the Mars Leathers sign on the side of their shop.

    Someone had written 'Leather is Murder',
    Then underneath...'So is bloody gravel rash'
  12. :shock: Brilliant !
    :LOL: :LOL:
  13. I saw a long low wall in Carlton years ago, and on it someone had written, "Jesus is coming back soon, and boy, is he mad!!".
  14. That is the best ever........

    Ok, so what other m/c related graffiti is around?
  15. pure gold.. i just drew dicks also.
  16. There used to be a classic piece of political graffitti on the railway bridge as you went into Morwell.

    It dated back to the 50's "Sling Ming"
    (PM Robert Menzies was nicknamed Ming the Merciless)
    It survived through to the 1990's when the council decided to paint it over. A real pity.

    I'm not keen on graffitti but I can tolerate stuff that actually says something. What I hate are the mindless ugly tags.
  17. +1.. if its gold its gold.. mindless sh@t calls for a few punches to the side of the head. what gets me is that these mindless people will only spray a 'tag' in the dark of night.. if you want to spray my building do it when im out the front.
  18. My favourite


    Although I have always loved

    "Real punks can't spell cupachino"
  19. yeah good feeling stuff. my dear old mother worked at st vincents in sydney and tells the storey of the day she walked to work to see 'eternity' and a man in a long coat walking off.