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Most amazing accident...you'll probably ever hear about.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mordeth, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Van hits bike intentionally?...van loses! CRAZY!

    Ok this is the most amazing crash I've heard of. It happended to a buddy of mine a few years ago in Taiwan. He was riding a CBR 929. They were in the mountains doing twisties for awhile and having a good time.

    Then later he's doing about 80 km an hour and there is a van coming in the oncoming lane...at the last possible moment the van swerves to hit him dead on...head to head! The van was also doing about 80...so that's a 160 km an hour collision with a van...head on. So what happened? Van loses it's front end bounces back across it's own lane and onto the shoulder. Bike bursts into many pieces...pieces of the bike were still landing after the rider had stopped slidding.

    Some pics...click for full size:

    The collision happened on the right hand side of the road...from your point of view...the van bounced to where it is now in this pic. The pic was taken less than 2 minutes after the collision.


    Notice how part of the bike FRAME is ripped apart...


    It's hard to say why he veered into the bike like that...some people guess he fell asleep....or maybe he was trying to give the biker a scare and it got out of hand...hard to say.

    So what happend to the guy in the van? He died. Wasn't wearing a seat belt...both lungs crushed on steering wheel...drowned on his own blood.

    What happended to the guy on the CBR? Not one freaking scratch! He had some bruises on one of his hips...and that's it. Blows my mind. He was wearing full leathers of course...another reason why a good helmet...and at least a jacket are essential.

    Van hits bike head on....biker, not a scratch...cager, dead.

    P.S. Yes, the license plate is american....they are decorative. At the time of the accident all large displacement bikes were illegal (plateless) in Taiwan.
  2. If the van hit the bike head on, how did the rider get off?

    Pretty crazy crash, that bike is mashed badly!
  3. sweet sweet justice. so rare in this world.
  4. The biker would have plowed head on into the van, I guess the crumple zones on the front of the van must have absorbed all the force?

    The inside of the van obviously isn't as soft.

    This is a pretty sketchy story. I find it hard to believe you actually know this guy. Sounds like an urban myth, it's just impossible to beleive someone could survive.

    Look at the bike! That amount of force would mess you up, there's no avoiding physics.
    Notice there are no pics of the rider.
  5. Nope my creds are good. Both myself and him "motorcyclerider" post regularly at www.forumosa.com . I've ridden with him a few times. I think the reason no one took a pic of him was because he was fine. He was being forced to lie down....but fine.

    As to "how he got off" he flew over the top of the van....and skidded along the street.

    I understand that it sounds unbelievable...but it happended to a guy that I ride with regularly....and I've met the other guys that were there when it happended.

    Here is the original thread: http://www.forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.php?t=31197&postdays=0&postorder=asc&&start=0

    Motorcyclerider is the manager of a respected school. And rides with most of the other foreigners living out here in Taiwan. Not the kind of guy to make up stories.....plus he's shown me other pics of him riding the same bike when it was fine....can't seem to find them right now though.
  6. Seems a real horror story! Unfortunately no picture on the original posting but we get the idea. I found a similar thing but in testing elsewhere ....
    [img:400:322:667b23386e]http://www.hitairaustralia.com/images/van.jpg[/img:667b23386e] that is just as scary.
  7. I met a guy years ago who hit a cape york buffalo. Got away in the same sort of accident. Broke both legs actually, apparently not really badly, but an accident that would have been a fatal in a car.