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Moscow Commute

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by DisgruntledDog, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. #1 DisgruntledDog, Dec 20, 2010
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    Sorry if this has been posted before. It's hard to search videos.

    Just crazy but fun to watch.

  2. Mother F er thats one crazy dude....5:17 and basically going through traffic at insane speeds. I wonder if he does that every day.
  3. ye was posted not long ago, good to watch though :)
  4. I was holding my breath for large portions of that. He was, er, committed.

    I've seen two many Bourne films and listened to too many Foreign Correspondents to not think that the FSB and their offshoots won't be looking for him. No way are the Ogliarchs going to allow a bike rider to beat them in the queues.

    And what traffic! Oh how they must long for the days when only a few were privileged enough to actually use the Moscow roads.
  5. Yeah, but when they catch him all he has to do is pay a small "fine" to the agents and off he goes again.=D>
  6. ...somehow, I don't think this will be the "how to" video for UK's filtering guidelines.

    Mad skillz.
  7. I'm guessing replayed at 130-150%
  8. Probably the 10th time I've seen this...but don't get me wrong..I love it !!!
  9. I even received it as an email from my dear old Dad, didn't have the heart to reply to him with a :lastweek: lmao

    Unfortunately for motorcyclists in general what we see as amazing skill and perception everyone else regards as just another hoon and a reason to take our preferred conveyance off us.
  10. I see it as very skilful... but also a bit stupid. A lot of what he was doing was a bit too risky.

    And, yes, I know that everything we do has an element of risk. However, I think most of us can agree that jumping out of an aeroplane without a parachute, from a kilometre or two up, is has enough inherent risk that its not worth doing ;) (more than once, anyway :p).

    Jumping out of an aircraft with NO parachute is not only risky, but suicidal !!! This rider cannot be placed in the same category. Sure, what he's doing carries a HIGH element of risk, but it is all calculated ; and part of the calculated risks he has undertaken involve using his rather obvious extreme skills. To compare it with a someone jumping out of an aircraft without a parachute would be to remove this commuter's R1 from him and make him run through that traffic, throwing himself in front of the nearest car...
  11. Well that scared the shit out of me!

  12. Ah, yes - that takes me back. I almost wish I was a Sinnie mc courier again.

    I do think the vid has been sped up by about 20 ~ 30%. I also think that like a lot of onboard bike vid, it's a fairly wide field of view, and that makes gaps look small, speeds look high, and everything a bit more exciting and drastic than it really is. At least the camera is mounted close to eye level - they often put them on the fairing about the height of the top of the front wheel, and that makes everything look way faster than it is.

    Some of the best onboard work I've seen was done in 1978, with a 35mm movie camera stuck on a pole, looking over the rider's head as he blasted around the Sydney CBD, the 'loo, Potts Pt, the cross - all on an SD900 Darmah. (Or was it an SS900? I'm getting old.) They used to show it as a filler in the cinema, which is where I saw it. The top of shot was just a little higher than level, but the rider's whole body was in shot.
  13. The engine note sounds about right... don't think that's been sped up.
  14. The way the keychain moves looks right to. Massive talent, if perhaps a few potatoes short of a vat.

    Sounds like the guy's known for it. Russia's equivalent to Ghost Rider or New York's Fastest.
  15. now THATS confidence, is it ghostrider?
  16. What ? no wheelie whilst lane splitting?

  17. Loved from 4:00 onwards the constant filtering/splitting. I reckon at stages he was filtering what looked easy like speeds of 120-140 range. Also smart manouvre when people were turning left from the intersection he still disected the cagers to continue straight on his path.

    Watched it and he sure has NMOT (nuts made of titanium) and awesome I mean awesome riding skills and situational awareness. Not even a single touch of a cage mirror.

    Lol, I thought the exact same thing but at the same time he did enough wheelies already to compensate for not doing it while splitting though it looked like he was tempted at times but better that he didn't in case of a slapper or minimal sideways movement as his path was narrow.
  18. what do you recon his life expectancy? either he smacks something, bends a mirror owned by a Russian mafia, or pisses off some government official. All three could end his riding days.
  19. ResmeN,
    Funny this thread should pop up again - I was only showing my bro this the other day. I'd be confident in saying I've seen this too many times to mention.

    In terms of NMOT, I'd say this guy just raised the bar (pardon the pun)....in a BIG (pardon the pun) way :D
  20. Crazy :censored:er!!!