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Morwell to Canberra through the Snowies and back along the coast

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Ingoes, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. I am planning to spend three days touring the following 2000kms:

    Morwell down to Inverloch
    Through Yarram to the Honeysuckles and Golden Beach, then up to Sale/Bairnsdale
    Through Bruthen to Omeo, Bright, Mount Beauty
    Tallangatta, B400 to Tumut, then Wee Jasper and Cavan to Canberra
    Back from Canberra along to coast to Eden, Cann River, back to Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale/Sale/Traralgon/Morwell.

    Are there any detours I should be taking/roads I should be avoiding?
    And anywhere in particular folk would recommend to pitch my tent?

    I'm on a road bike (GS500) and the front forks aren't world famous for awesomeness so corrugated gravel roads are probs best avoided.

    BOM suggests the next few days will be precipitation-free.

    If peeps help I'll post a bunch of photos and a brief diary when I get back.

  2. I wouldn't recommend Tumut to Wee Jasper on a road bike. I did it a few years ago and regretted it on my GSX650F which is heavy at 240kg. Very rough, large rock for quite a distance.

    Just a few months ago I did do Tumut to Canberra via Brindabella Road and although there's about 50km of dirt and it's a bit rough as well, it's much nicer than the Tumut to Wee Jasper run.

    I just came back from a three day trip covering a bit of what you are going to do. You'll love it! Have a great and safe ride.
  3. Thanks dazzabee. I will give Wee Jasper a miss. I'm looking forward to taking it nice and easy

  4. As db says......did that last November on the Snowy Ride, unless you're on a Beemer GS or similar.
  5. Mate, sounds like a great run, dont forget to take plenty of pics.
  6. I sound like a broken record, but...

    Assuming you're coming down the Primces Hwy from Batemans Bay:

    Turn off to the right (west) to Central Tilba and Tilba Tilba south of Narooma. It is a small detour, but interesting nonetheless.

    Rejoin the Hwy and turn off again to the left (east) onto Bermagui Road (less than 1 km IIRC). Wallaga Lake, Bermagui, Tanja, Tathra. From there you can either head to Bega or take a left (south) at Kalaru on Sapphire Coast Drive to Merimbula, and rejoin the hwy at Pambula.

    You might also want to consider Imlay Rd (west) south of Eden, to join the Monaro Hwy (south) to Cann River.

    Have a great trip.
  7. Thanks Jazzfan, I saw your comments in another thread and already decided to get Pambula and Imlay Rd into the loop.

    I think I'll follow your directions re: Tilba, Bermagui, Tathra to the letter.

    Thank you very much for your input