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Morons on Scooters

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by quantocks, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. as was apparent this morning on Penshurst Street and Mowbray Road, the traffic was gridlocked and a few bikes were lane splitting. Some stupid f$@$% on a Vespa lane splits past two cars and stops and just sits right in the middle of the two lanes. 5 bikes behind her waiting to get past. Still doesn't move and just sits there for 5 minutes before I yell "hey you fcking moron, pick a lane"

    she repeated this process at every single set of lights for 30 minutes until I could finally get around.

    if you're going to split, at least look for a gap and move into it. it's not hard, don't just sit there and block other riders from passing because you're too dumb to pass without hitting cars.

    it's not rocket science.

  2. I'm a scooter rider and I have to say I so agree. I have had the same thing happen to me. There are some really pathetic scooter riders out there and they give us all a bad name. Though I guess there are some dumb bike riders as well.......
  3. I used to ride a scooter too. So I'm not bagging that, but each morning on my way to work I see people lane splitting on 50cc scooters or getting past one or two cars and then stopping in the middle of both lanes and sitting there blocking everyone and anyone else that may want to pass. It's really getting to me that some people are so dumb, the idea of splitting is to get to the front, not sit in the middle of the pack like an idiot...
  4. I get annoyed with the scooters that split to the front then take of slooow especially when I'm in my 4wd cage with a bullbar which is not fast but still faster then them.
    I get next to them and politely explain that if they want to cut to the front then take off fast...
  5. I saw the other day, an asian guy with his girlfriend/sister whatever on back riding pillion. Never seen it before and funniest thing, especially only riding a Vespa, really small scooter for 2 people. I thought that was crazy.. :moped:

    And a guy up the road from me rides his scooter fast, always up ur arse when driving, he wont fark off little prick on his L's :furious:
  6. It's not just 50cc scooter riders that do this, though. It's weird, but some people must automatically assume that they are 3 times the width and not trust the fact that they really can move through a particular gap. I get this in the car as well (grrr I HATE driving!!!) - someone in an itsy bitsy kia seems to get stuck in the unfathomable gap between the kerb and the tram, yet my mighty Verada seems to manage just fine.

    (Maybe I'm just not concerned with the pedestrians that are decorating my bonnet) :-k
  7. Also a Scooter rider at present, but have to agree this happens a lot on my way to work through Newtown (Syd).

    The only small issue I have though is that its not just scooter riders that are guilty of this practice.
  8. On parramatta road on Saturday I was in the car waiting in traffic on the far left lane, when I hear this nurrrrrr come up behind me and buzz along past on my left... on the footpath. Had a pillion too...

    I was pretty dumbfounded... just wait till someone rounds the corner *smack*.
  9. You'd think it was common sense to assertain weather or not you can make it to the front of the queue when splitting lanes.

    if I know i will not make it too the front then i normally won't bother.
    I know as a car drivrer as well that it's a bit of a shite getting cut off by bikes because they cannot get through.

    Cam :)
  10. Does anyone know of the actual rule on lane splitting? i was told if a cop has seen you doing so its a seperate fine for each car you have gone past.
  11. I dont think thats right for every car you pass, most likely one fine.
  12. :roll: I've had bikes do that to me also. Pain in the Ass!
    It's just uncourteous :evil:
  13. give your engine a good rev behind them.

    always works ;-)
  14. My greatest beef with scooter riders so far is that where I live (Kings Cross) they seem absolutely unable to park like human beings. Quite often I have to go looking for parking as far as 15 minutes (on foot that is) away, because there's 4 scooters occupying the nearest bike lot all parked about 3/4 of a bike width apart and at funny angles. This parking lot fits seven large bikes.


    When a scooter rider blocks the space between cars at an intersection or takes off slowly, that's fine with me. It only costs me a few seconds. When their parking incompetence forces me to waste 30 or more minutes of my time, on the other hand, that's not even rude or inconsiderate - it's borderline offensive.

    /rant. Ahh. I feel so much better now :grin:
  15. Just kick them out of the way.
  16. :shock:

    :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Park in the scooters. Block as many as possible :wink:
  18. What an irresponsible comment. Especially coming from a moderator.

    I came to this forum expecting mature motorcyclists, not a bunch of violent scooter-kicking, lanesplitting squids.

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    Scooter riders are people too you know.
  19. Are you for real :shock:
  20. I am. As a moderator of a forum with thousands of members, he should be a role model for society. Not some violent scooter kicking thug.

    Its scooter-kickers like him who give honest motorcyclists a bad name. He's the reason old ladies clutch their purses as we walk past.

    We should be collectively outraged and take our collective anger out on him.