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Moronic WRX driver!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gromit, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. Driving the cage home about an hour ago with my son in the passenger seat.

    We're nearly home, in a typical suburban sidestreet. This particular road has a curve in it, a right hander from our point of view. To give you an idea of the width, if you wanted to pass between 2 cars parked on either side, your car would be straddling the centre line.

    So we're approaching the right hander at maybe 40 klicks, when a newish silver WRX comes round the bend towards us at warp speed. By which I mean, it's hard on the limit.

    I hit the brakes and steer left.

    The guy loses it as soon as he sees our car, the WRX slews sideways towards us, he just manages to get it into some sort of shape and is past us and gone. Believe me, it was good luck rather than good management.

    Two things stick with me - the look of sheer horror on the guy's face as he loses it in a flurry of hands on the wheel, and his bloody baseball cap. He can't be more than 19.

    And no, I didn't have time to get his rego.

    What sort of absolute, utter moron takes a WRX to its cornering limits in a narrow suburban sidestreet? Believe me, I'm a long way from being a "take 'em out and flog 'em" kind of guy, but this jerk endangered me and my son for no reason whatsoever.

  2. the sort of absolute moron whos rich daddy buys it for him as his 1st car
    like most WRX drivers it seems they think the car being such a good car takes care of the driving ability for them
  3. Mate i feel for ya, it seems to me that all the kids do now is show off in surbia, they wait until they are out the front of the supermarket in front of all the soccor mums and give it everything - there is no detterant so sadly its porbably not the last time you will ahve toi deal with this :(

    Infuriating isnt it :(
  4. A 19 year old with a WRX.
    The realy question is what kind of parent lets their kid get that car.

    Glad your OK though.
  5. Who saw that awesome mitsu on Top Gear last week?

    Unbelievable performance!!!
  6. These juniors driving WRXs and all have to be playing some sort of game with insurance, surely? I mean, what must a premium be for a WRX with a 19 year old driver.
  7. Mate, I love performance cars. I just don't appreciate them being misused like that.
  8. since when was insurance compulsory?
  9. Agreed, but your account of what happened just gave me an instant flash back to the hooliganism that was demonstrated on Top Gear last week.
  10. I own a wrx, and while the bike gives me way more thrills, the wrx can lull young drivers into a false sense of security with it's grip and power.

    Young people often get into trouble with them because you have to push the car so much further to explore the limits of their handling. By that stage, if it goes wrong, it will wrong in a big way. Many young guys now have them because they're affordable on the second hand market, and represent good value.

    I can be an animal on my bike at the track, but never really feel the need to speed around in the car on the street. Incidentally, my mate has an Evo 7 and it absolutely runs rings around my wrx (different league!).

    Bikes are my passion, but I usually do around 500-1000 km's a week, and was worried about tiring out my two-wheeled-toy so decided to get a tin top.
  11. It's very hard to get insurance at all on a wrx if you're under 25. Some that I know of with high-powered cars ask their parents to insure it, and they are listed as a driver.

    Most finance companies stipulate that the car have full insurance if a loan was used for the car.
  12. The premium would be ridiculous. Ive never had full comp on anycar ive ever owned because it just hasnt been viable. I bought a 91 vn ss when i was 18 and the cheapest quote i got was a premium of 5.5 grand(and that was in wodonga VIC)

    Either theyve got the money to pay the crazy premiums or they just get third party like i always have i spose...
  13. I pay $1200/year for comprehensive (28yo), with the excess being about another grand. I didn't think that was too bad, because I too have heard about hugely expensive premiums.

    Comprehensive insurance on the bike was going to cost more than this. How could I ever justify paying half the purchase price of the bike each year just to be covered? If I did have full insurance on the bike, I'd be tempted to use it just so I could get some sort of value out of them...
  14. Yeah, at least in Vic it is, but the police rarely enforce this rule, perhaps because it's only a $50 fine (at least it used to be). More money can be made catching people travelling 5 km/h over the posted limit!
  15. My mate drives a brand new subaru liberty GT and he is only 19. He gets easily distracted and tends to give it a bit.

    I drove his car last week and its very tempting i must say to give it some stick...the power comes on so smooth and fast. I dont really think he should be driving that car but hey what can you do.

    He should give it to me actually...lol
  16. What a self-sacrificing soul you are K-t-F :LOL:
  17. Well, we can thank Xbox for these drivers. Insurance would NOT pay out if they found out they had been lied to in the policy (nominated driver= owner, modified, illegal for P plater to drive etc), but mummy and daddy step in when there's an accident and claim they were driving or whatever, which just reinforces that spoilt brat can get away with anything at all.
    And no offence to any Subaru owners, but the vast majority of Subaru owners, of any age, seem to drive like total wankers.
    4wd will nor protect you from drift or severe understeer, only increase the speed it happens at, and make it harder to correct.
    I suppose it's poetic that most older Subarus come apart like a box of Kleenex in a collision, helping to thin the stupid part of the gene pool out.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Subaru Forrester the Volvo of the new millenium.