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Moronic Pedestrian on Heidelberg Rd

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by icecoffee71, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. On my daily commute home from work today, I was zooming along Heidelberg Road near Merri Creek at 70km/h, when I noticed an idiot pedestrian up ahead who decided to jog across the road right in front of me. If I stayed in my lane, the left, I believe I would have hit him. Thankfully, I was able to slip into the next lane to avoid the idiot, but I wasn't able to find my horn quick enough and as it is, my horn is pretty bloody pathetic! (I ride a 1995 GPX250).

    No wonder so many pedestrians are hurt or killed when they do stuff like that, especially if they stop looking at the approaching traffic once they start crossing, like this bloody moron!
  2. Weak bastard. You could have had him, but you let him live.

    Explain yourself.
  3. if he was jogging, i doubt that horn wudve actually had any effect on him.

    joggers usually have pods plugged into their ears....listening to "How to loose weight and stay fit in 30 days" audio books....

    more than the pedestrians i hate the tour de france wannabe cyclists !!!
  4. I didn't want to damage my bike or myself, otherwise I would have.

    Joggers are menace to society!
  5. pedestrians are just drivers without their cars.
  6. Quite right you are. Hitting him with a perfectly good motorcycle (or any expensive machinery) is irresposible and wasteful. Don't worry, running in a heavily polluted environment will more than likely kill him soon enough. :)

    What the world needs is more giant ducks to keep the bastards in line.

  7. Send me a trailer load of those big ducks, Seany.
  8. A post in a cycling forum from tuesday

    And my tounge in cheek response.
  9. When are they going to design Bull Bars for motorbikes? :p
  10. ...exactly! Which equals they no longer have their means of protection.

    I'm with MVrog, explain yourself.
  11. You know, don't you, that any day now joggers are going to demand their own on-road jogging lane, exclusive to them. And jogging forums are going to be full of rants about how b@stard cyclists won't stay out of it and respect their rights!

  12. They already have em..And complain bitterly about the cars in em as well as the bicycles. Then they get back to their cars and are the cars they were complaining about. But they never realise. They never make that connection.

    The on road jogging lanes are called bike lanes.
  13. Write to Harold Scruby, the "Chairman and CEO" of the one-man organisation The Pedestrian Council. It will be good for a laugh at least. Here is the exact transcript from an exchange I had with him over exactly this sort of incident:

    I wrote:

    The Response:
    My retort:
  14. That was a great read - I want mroe please! :)