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Moronic Motorcyclists

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Havoc, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. [Mod: Content removed for administrative review purposes.]

  2. Ok sounds like some idiots out for an idiots day out, but why the f@#k are you so racist
    This isn't today tonigh !!!
  3. And your point here is what? :?
  4. Does it matter what they look like? A human being is a human being, bones get broken. Stupid behavior doesn't need a nationality
  5. Okily dokily.

    Bring your deck chairs folks, this is gonna be one hellova show.

    I'll supply the popcorn.
  6. Yes it does make motorcyclist look like pricks.
    Well a couple of them won't be riding stupid for a while, maybe it's for the better, they may stay alive for a few more years. :roll:
  7. I agree, these guys obviously sound like morons, but what does their race have anything to do with it? :?
  8. Yeah just some other young squids out to be morons and impress there mates. Yes it's unfortunate for all the other motorcyclists out there but the same thing happens with P plate drivers and hotted up import and local del. cars every night also.

    WHAT was the need for the 'middle eastern appearance' comment??? That's just wrong, unjustified and totally not needed. They were just a bunch of young, hot blooded mates out to impress each other and have some fun. Who cares what their race is?? I'm seen many a White young male do the same thing and you don't see the news reports say 'Caucasian/European appearance' do you now???

    Leave out the race identifying bull crap. It's the last thing people of 'middle eastern appearance' need right now.
  9. Can I come for a ride in the 'chopper' next time you go up for your traffic report? :LOL: :roll:
  10. I saw a downed rider today too. Coming back from Phillip Island. He had dark hair and dark skin.

    Maybe he too was from Bansktown....

    Gimmie a break!!!!!

    If he had a big nose and was an Italian, or had a monobrow and was Greek, would you have reported it in the same way?
  11. When we hit the road without gear, we all turn red on the outside. :wink: :grin:

    Unless they were Lebanese cucumbers (cucumbers of middle eastern appearance) which are whiteish green in the middle. They're all the same though. You see them in Safeway, all hanging out in the fruit & veg section as if they owned the place. :roll: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Do they? Can't say I'm aware of that. I wonder why someone who may not even ride a motorcycle would bother to post on a motorcycle forum?
  13. You're not a Police Officer by any chance Havoc?

    Reads an awful lot like evidence and observations compiled from various witness statements in a Police report to me?

    Note to the uninitiated; Police reports always try and ascertain what race or genetic origin suspects are.

    Had these young men been anglo saxon/celtic, I am sure the report would have read causican males.
  14. yeah, what idiots :roll: everone knows wheelies are much more stable at higher speeds than that :p :p :p

    whatever... middle eastern appearance... making people hate motorcyclists.... anyone got something new for us here? maybe a midget in a clown suit?? a pirate wearing a pink ball gown??? :LOL: :LOL:
  15. haha tru bro :p
  16. Then you'll see all those cucumbers bashing other ones cos they are on their turf... :roll: :LOL:

    It does sound a bit "Today Tonight"ish, and for a first post it seems rather interesting, wouldn't you like to sell your bike first :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    It does shed bad light on us tho, so if we need to hate them for furthar putting our cause back, then lets just blame them, not all "middle easterns" ride bikes anyway... some drive taxi's others drive audi's, we've all seen crazy arab drifters
  17. Well at least it proves that not all accidents involving motorcycles are the fault of bad roads, drivers, wildlife, aliens etc. - some riders are just idiots.
  18. i saw about 50-100 sports riders in st kilda/port melbourne today, 95% squiding. each to their own. no 'exciting' crashes to report :roll:
  19. I agree with this assessment. I think those that are calling it racism, need to have another look.
  20. Now thats the way to make friends on you 1st post, a simple "Hi, i'm new" would have done. :roll: