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Moron on a GPX-250

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tyrelever, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Thank you very much -

    This is my thanks to the KNOB who while filtering through the traffic on the monash this morning managed to SMASH MY WING MIRROR and then flipped me the bird when I had the absolute nerve to tell him off...

    So in closing.... Thanks Jerk, hope a small dog bites you on the arse :evil:
  2. what a TOSSER
  3. Wait at the side of the road around the same time for a few days and when you see him, clothesline him with a baseball bat :twisted:
  4. Can it be a red baseball bat? :p
  5. Red baseball bat?
    Do you mean before or after you hit him? :LOL:
  6. follow him home and duff his missus
  7. Good thinking :wink:

    Then clothesline him with a baseball bat :LOL:
  8. He has a GPX250, the fact that he has to ride that day in day out is more than punishment enough.
  9. Rego?

    If he works (and therefore parks) in the city, I'll be happy to assist with kharmic retribution to his bike's mirror.........
  10. At least he has not been riding a ducati wannabe [-X [-X
  11. :LOL:
  12. And the ex-GPX rider goes on the offensive! Your judgment is compromised, as proven by the ER6-N.

  13. f* i been tempted to chuck a stringline up on either side of ped crossings at times.... :p
  14. I'd wait for him as suggested, then follow him till he stops, and rip the mirrors off his bike. He'd figure it put pretty quick.

    Regards, Andrew
  15. Stab him in the pancreas

  16. That statement needs to be detarded :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. he flipped YOU off after ? :?

    ...id like to thank the dumb p plate bitches who thought itd be a good idea to discard their lunch in my general direction. i hope i left a nice imprint of the back of my hand on your car

    do people even think before/after they act??
  18. Shesh…some one dose something really dumb…and a few of you give advice of doing something JUST as dumb! How great this world is becoming…yea lets take to him with a bat/lets break his mirrors …that will fix the mirror wont it…or did I miss something and doing the above will make it cheaper to replace the broken mirror?
  19. sounds to me like you were in a cage, did you move accross on him? did you close the gap? did you deserve to have it smashed off?
    I've smashed many a mirror, but the drivers needed to learn to use them.