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Moron of the day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raven, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Just to get it off my chest since I am still seriously angry about the senselessness of it all.
    This morning - commuting up Warrigal road - three lanes.
    I am slowly filtering down the outside slot (between lanes 2 and 3).
    No fuss...just trickling between stopped cars at walking pace.

    It starts to get a little tight, so I see a space between between cars and make my way across the stopped traffic to join onto the end of the inner lane line of cars.
    I am more or less "walking" the bike through a tight squeeze between the front and rear of 2 stopped cars in the line, and am of course concentrating on not scratching anything or anyone.

    Now...bear in mind that I am about merge into the inside lane and stop behind the last car in line wich is about 1 car length ahead of me on the end of a long cue still stopped at the lights.

    I get about half the bike out into the lane and am just turning to straighten up when this bloody hero in a new monaro, comes diving up the inside lane, blasting his horns at me, as I am half way out from between the two cars I am squeezing between. I can't do a bloody thing as I am just walking the bike through.
    I give hime a glare, and continue out and pull up the 10 ft or so behind the last car.
    Dipshit lays on the horns again, screaming at me that I should "open my bloody eyes" blah blah...and I'm thinking - all this guy had to do was just wait for me to manouver out and simply stop behind me...

    So I turn the bike off and spin in the seat to give him an eyefull and he's STILL yelling at me. I don't respond except to sit and glare back at him from beneath the helmet, conscious that I don't want appear like a biker nutcase in the traffic, by doing anything close to what I am thinking of doing.
    Suddenly the idiot tries to intimidate me by lurching the car forward to stop again just a few inches from the bike. A bit more abuse, and I could feel the eyes of all the other drivers on me - waiting for me to react.

    But ya see...my nice newish bike is of far greater value than the instant thrill of head-butting this ahole through the side windwo of his car, so as the lights change and we move off, I casually proceed with dipshit sitting very close behind me, filter through a few cars to give me some space, look back toward Nonga and give him the "stick this fist up your A*se" sign and leave him stuck back there in the trafic while I continued on my merry way, eventually leaving him for dust.

    All because HE could'nt deal with me being in that 10 ft space ahead of him in the line of traffic, for the short period that I was.

    Be careful out there folks.
  2. wow, what a dick, flexing his meathead muscles, you showed some good restraint not to dot the fella, i can well imagine the temptation was rife!
  3. Yup, very typical of drivers :( They really think pushing a few feet, switching lanes only to stop at the lights and the people they 'overtook' to catch up is somehow making them go quicker. It only adds up to them using a shit load more petrol. IDIOTS

    I said the other day,

    In general, people are dumb.

    I'm sticking to that
  4. But it does make them go quicker. I mean... to them that 3 seconds difference counts, even though it might cost them more in fuel consumption.
    </sarcasm off>

    It's how it is even when you're driving a car as opposed to a bike. I don't know how people get their car licence with that kind of attitude.
    Hope he gets his monaro scratched to hell.
  5. meat head moron ina a monaro... jeez if it was only monday... :LOL:
  6. I like your patience..... his shiny new monaro is worth a lot more than your shiny new bike. I would of got off the bike and just sat there.... until he got out and wanted to have a crack..... nothing funnier than a retard wanting to fight a guy with a helmet and armour. . . . . . .Still it pays to carry one of these, http://www.safecity.nsw.edu.au/aspelelar.jpg , on the road.... makes people think twice about playing with ya. :wink: :wink:
  7. Good restraint shown, not worth the confrontation. He just looked like a spoilt road raging prick to everyone else.
  8. I adhere to a very similar creedo, of most people are F**kwits until they prove otherwise, but I always give them a chance to prove otherwise... it's very applicable in this situation!! :evil:

    Kudos to you jgm for being the bigger man. yeah it p*sses you off :evil: :evil:,but honestly it isn't worth the trouble when they are obviously a challenged individual... as in this case :roll:
  9. There's always some whanger isn't there?

    Don't let it get to you, he likes his car as much as you like your bike. He's got brakes and he'll use 'em, however much he leans on the horn and acts the fool. If he's honking he's seen you and who cares if he's on his rags?

    You'll be long gone in seconds, and you're not stuck in a tin top waiting in line and making a knob of yourself. Filter to the front, pop a gleeful wheelie and ride off in style.
  10. The man clearly has a small penis. It must be extremely small for him to buy a car like that, and to drive it in such a manner. There is no way you could have done anything and come away the better person from such an exchange with a bearer of a small penis. You did exactly the right thing. You got to where you were going safe and sound, and came away the better person.
  11. :rofl:
    Spud Gun has hit the nail on the head, what we all must take away from this is that the man has a small penis.
  12. It is damn hard keeping a level head when faced with PoMS like that, I am a personal fan of turning off the engine and putting down teh stand so that he knows he will not be ging anywhere, but we all have to manage the anger that is enevitable when faced with morons our own way.
  13. Something a friend of mine in SA does that I keep meaning to do is to carry a small notebook & pen in my jacket. What he does is stop, take out the notebook and pen and very ostentatiously take down the rego. :LOL:

    He reckons it always worries the sh1t out of people like that - with the added bonus that you've got a record just in case... :LOL: And if they're behind you they have to wait while you do it.

    Of course he's about 1.9 metres tall and pretty solid - so anything he does generally scares the sh1t out of them :LOL: :LOL:
  14. I guess the fcukwit figures that seeing as he payed 60-80 thou for his car obviously gives him more rite to be on the road :wink:

    Unfortunately we will always get these d$@kheads, am just glad you showed a bit more restraint than I probably would have :grin: :grin:
  15. I had the same thing on the eastern the other week when traffic was stopped. The guy kept yelling and flashing his lights and tooting at me. As best as I can tell they just get frustrated that they can't split (that and they aren't getting any from the missus), not that that is an excuse for being a asshat.

    I did think about stopping in front of him and letting all the other cars merge across for five or ten minutes (I was in no hurry), but then I thought that the people behind him didn't do anything wrong. I settled for stopping and waving hello as if he was a long lost friend and then continued on my way.

    I have thought of getting a little replica pistol that fires suction caps that could have a little flag on them that says "I drive like a toss pot" or "I am an asshat" and shoot it onto the windscreen or side window. This gives the driver the feeling that they are about to be shot for their actions and the added bonus of others seeing the little flag stuck to the car. Of course I can think of times when this may backfire. :grin: :grin:
  16. :mad: :mad: :mad: HOW LONG SHOULD WE KEEP OUR COOL. :mad: :mad: :mad:

    I beg to differ but I feel like getting off, flipping me Butterfly and giving him a taste of it. These moron cagers think that their 1 ton Truck can do a lot of damage to us by lurching at us. I say you should have moved back and stopped right in front of his nose and waited for him. Now let see who lurches. B^$t^RD, bring it on. I liked the Magic wand someone suggested. A electric gun will be better. Hmm gotta buy one now, I hope there are some on ebay.

    The other day a WRX flat nose gave me the cut on the freeway, I nearly lost it at 110ks. Went up to him while he was hangin his head our like a dog and gave him the FINGARRRRRRRRRRR.

    :shock: Bl@@dy moron got so pissed of that he chased me for life. He would have really run me over that day. Man those cars are fast I tell ya. But I had a good laugh after he was smokin me dust after warrigal rd. He never got me CBR. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  17. he must think he is top stuff driving that monaro.u mite c him 2moro again.
  18. Monaro drivers = small brain as they should be drivevng an xr8, wouldnt see that behaviour from a ford guy :grin:
  19. :LOL: :LOL:

    I learnt that working in retail :grin:

    Oh how true.

    BTW, I would have headbutted him, reached in, grabbed the keys and pissed off :twisted:
  20. about a month ago, i wasin a bit of traffic, same situation as you, a group a young blokes come up to me and we discuss bikes, asking me what bike it is blablabla it sounds great.....they were top blokes to be honest...

    then after the convo, i proceed to lane spilt here and there, and the exact same thing happened to me, except this guy was in a falcon, he was screaming his titts off at me, and yelling racist remarks mind you....im nodding my head and laughing at him, basically taking the piss.....all of a sudden i hear the loudest bang ive herd in my life. this guy has had a huge arse paver tossed on the roof of his car....i then see the blokes i was chatting with legging it and waving at me and laughing their arse off....

    i then wave the falcon guy good buy and continue my lane split.

    the moral is that if you're going to be a kunt to someone, they might tolerate it, but bystanders might not...

    this guy had the biggest cretor on his roof and a cracked windscreen....you should of seen him when the paver hit...he though it was a gunshot and ducked for cover hahaha