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Mornington Penninsula Blitz

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. I got pinged yesterday at the very start of Arthurs Seat Rd. 68 in a 60 after turning off McCulloch St into Arthur's Seat Rd, right here: http://g.co/maps/j2rgx . I was actually throttling down after turning right, and was in the left hand lane with a car in the right. Mr Plod told me there is a current blitz, with Motorcycle police specifically targeting bikes throughout the Mornington Peninsula. He was on a marked bike, but his mate was on an unmarked K1300S in the lighter blue and silver, exactly like this:


    He also said there's Black and a Maroon Unmarked bikes out and about as well.

    I did explain to him that a normal acceleration through a corner, and then a throttle check might want to be considered as taking note of your speed and doing something about it. He said that I was actually going quicker, but that I slowed down after I saw them. I didn't see them at all. It's quite obvious to me that it is far safer and far more important to constantly be looking at your cluster instead of the black stuff in front of you. :rolleyes:
  2. More of our TAC levy at work no doubt :furious:

    Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Eek. I ended up there yesterday as well but no sign of 'em then.
  4. i was out riding to sorrento the other day and saw no one.. but thanks for the heads up.
  5. That suck Doonx, they were out & about!

    We had a very lucky day on sunday, followed by an unmarked car into Deans Marsh, had a finger shaken at us by a bike cop on the GOR (mistaken identity :)) & split past a marked patrol on freeway home at speed, after riding Arthurs Seat.

    No fines :)
  6. I'm still laughing about that one. Turns out the GoPro was paused while it created a new file (It can only create 4GB at a time, so when it hits that it cycles for about a minute or two :( ), so we didn't get it on video :(
  7. I'd say the blitz is operation halo targetting vulnerable road uses till the end of the month which is being enforced beyond the peninsula..
  8. Yup I've seen this guy doing the rounds... Pulling over motorcycles only
  9. It's a shame there isn't an Afternoonington Peninsula nearby where people could go and ride instead.
  10. Word came through today that a fella took his fancy Ducati bike down Arther's seat on the weekend and got himself pinged. Those rattly hole ridden clutch baskets make the po-po fizzy in the pants evidently. He's now a $1000 bux lighter in the hip pocket after getting 'randomly' pineapple fucked. FTP
  11. What'd they get him for Chef?

  12. Find the Police?

  13. Ouch. Just ouch. I knew those dry clutches were a bad idea.
  14. What on earth did they get him for that cost him $1000???? :eek:
  15. I don't know the details cos it's come to me second hand. Tyres were mentioned as unroadworthy so that's 5-600.

    The rider is lighter $1000 approx because of a 'random' stop from a 'targeted' campaign.

    No kittens were killed.
  16. I'm under the impression they look for three unroadworthy items before popping the canary on. Tyres, clutch basket...
  17. They really do people for clutch basket? didnt know that... Is that due to noise, or lack of technical understanding from them that its normal?
  18. I'm only guessing but I'd say non-ADR compliance.

    They do people for anything and everything, it's all in the name of safety and a little thing called the 'broken windows theory'. I'd post up about it but couldn't be fucked with the arguments. It has it's roots in social engineering so unless someone can grasp that concept they wont understand or believe the bwt.
  19. ...actually you're a smart guy Sammy so I'll flick you some info on why bikes are targeted the way they are...


    It also has ties to why there's zero tolerance in speeding. But I'm not interested in speeding at this juncture.
  20. They're a bad idea because they take an otherwise awesome sounding bike and make it sound like you're storing spare washers in the clutch.

    But how do they contravene ADRs?