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Mornington Peninsula speed changes

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by cotso, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Our great shire down here, instead of fixing the crap roads have decided its better to lower the Max 100 Klms to 90 Klms,to save lives, not to mention revenue of course.It's a trial run to see how it goes,"yeah right",for what the cost of sign changes etc cost, it would be better to see what good road maintenance would do first.So take care .

  2. Where abouts are they planning on enforcing it? Or is this to be on all roads except the freeway? If that's the case Red Hill and Main Ridge will never be the same.
  3. Signs are already up on Truemans Rd, so they are putting them up now,Will be Peninsula wide at their discretion so the local paper said, so me thinks "The fun bits"](*,)
  4. Sounds about right. Some roads I can agree on, there's a few dangerous narrow roads in the hills at 100km, but they don't need to drop all of them, especially not Browns and Sandy rd.
  5. I am not surprised that the limit will be dropped on Browns Road due to the number of phone chatting ,cd changing tourists that bury their cars in the bushes every year. :nopity:
    At one point I could find evidence that at least one per weekend left the black top , usually go A over T after they drive up one of the embankments., as I went to work on a Monday morning.:nopity:
    At least there is still fun to be had down the bottom end of the Peninsula if you know where to look . :)
  6. Very true, seen the odd spill (locals too) on Shands and Waterfall Gully Rd, those dirt sections don't get much attention from the grates.

    Out to Flinders and Merricks would be a great ride, yet to get down there myself. Will have to make time to do so soon.
  7. watch out for the pot holes and gravel strewn across the road.. the pot holes around at the minute.. have been there for awhile.. constantly getting poorly repaired and end up bigger, and then there is some in groups on boneo road.

    pay attention!

    as for the speed limits.. there was a thread posted last month, some of the roads definitely needed changing, but i don't see people slowing down any time soon.
  8. All the back roads between Deer Park, Werribee & Melton were goat tracks and a 100 limit.

    With the increasing population in the area and roads being rebuilt they're almost all an 80 zone outside built up areas now??