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mornington peninsula - road suggestions

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Black Betty, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. I'm planning on doing a day-trip ride down to the Peninsula to visit the Hot Springs. Am familiar with either the fwy or short-cut dirt roads in the Subaru - but not on the bike. Would like some suggested roads to take so I can build a more interesting route there & back - starting around the Berwick area.

    Cheers :)

  2. Dunns Creek Road (turn right just after Bittern or off the freeway exit before Dromana), the loop thru Flinders/ Cape Shanck and the Golf Club are fine, Arthurs Seat (of course), Main Ridge (watch the roadworks) down the back of the Seat or of course the coast road from Mornington down to Dromana. Be aware most of the 'peripheral' roads i.e. close to the coast will probably have a fair bit of traffic - enjoy!
  3. Theres hot springs on the peninsular??????
    Where abouts?

    Ok, bit of a long way round but.

    Berwick cut up to the Clyde / Berwick road, along there to 5 ways, strait across the Sth Gippy Hwy (well sort of left right) down fisheries road, turn right on to Baxter/Tooradin road, left on to tyabb / tooradin road (watch out for the off camber right hander just past the golf course) sort of strait across the westernport hwy along O'Neils road, left on to frankston/ flinders road, right on to mornington / tyabb road, just oer the railway line have a break at the old cool store, lots of antiques, stuff, guff, and crap.
    ok keep going along mornington /tyabb road left on to moorooduc hwy at roundabout.
    turns in to mornington peninsula fwy, boring, boring, more boring.
    Ahhhhh Aurthurs seat turn off....... follow signs, up set, down seat, up again, down again (you get the idea) Now tell me where your going, i might be able to find a more interesting way
  4. There certainly is ...... spent this afternoon there - nice & warm :grin:

    Peninsula Hot Springs
    140 Springs Lane
    Map Here

    They're happy to accommodate group bookings & plenty of parking for the bikes ...... all the gear might make interesting storage tho' :)
  5. Whilst there the Boneo Rd is pretty funky too. :cool:
  6. luv this line 'For the first time in Victoria you can bathe in the naturally healing waters of mineral rich thermal pools' what a load of BS. but still looks like fun
  7. Wife has been there .. said it is absolute shite and not worth the money. Far better spending the day in Daylesford where the springs really are hot and it's a far better experience.
  8. Gotta disagree ... for $22 spent 2 hrs jumping in & out of various pools of varying temps - one of which I could only stay in for 5mins at a time & I have HOT showers! Plus you have access to the sauna. Cafe offered breakfast menu till 3pm or lunch with a range of hot chocs to boot. There's also plenty of private stuff but I didn't go there.
    Yes, Daylesford is great - been there/done that/will do it again when I save up some $$$. But am quite happy to have hot pools within an easy day trips ride :)
    Plus - I liked the outdoors setting :p would be very nice at night too .....
  9. I've got a spa in my backyard :) :LOL:
  10. Pity 14's not legal then aint it :p :wink:

  11. Ouch biatch slap LOL take that PMSL
  12. Yep - got that one covered :wink:

    Thanks for the suggestions guys - think I've sorted the way out - 2 hrs each way plus a couple of hours there ....... what a great way to spend a winters day :)
  13. ...feeling all lovely and pampered then???

    What a great tonic to dispel the winter blues. Hope the deluxe treatment did exactly that!

    Bring on the sunshine!! [And a bike... sigh]
  14. I'm growing up really really fast! :LOL: