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Mornington Peninsula newbie says hi!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by guardian_angel, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone, my name's Alice and although I've had my L's for over a year (and about to go for my P's) I only started actually riding a couple of weeks ago when I got my bike!! Is a Honda CBF 250, 2006 model and I love it :D

    Might have run into some of you already down at the BP station on Saturdays with Doug, but for everyone else, I'm actually down in Frankston at the moment (don't hold that against me though :) ) studying for my degree.

    Anyway that's probably more then you really needed to know :)

    I'll see you all around I'm sure, planning on going on as many rides as possible!!

    (Photo is back when... so about three weeks ago, when I first got my bike)


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  2. Welcome Alice, there are a few other Peninsula riders on the forum. Hope to see you out there.
  3. welcome to NR. No doubt I'll see you on the Saturday sessions.
  4. Welcome Alice. We'll probably bump into each other at some stage :)

    Come to the ride tomorrow!
  5. Hi cjvfr, minglis and foxtwo. Thanks for the welcome!

    I hope I shall see you all around, hopefully I'll be at the Sat session next week but unfortunately I can't come on the ride tomorrow! Evil work :( Shall come on one though as soon as I have a Sunday free... which should be in the next couple of weeks :D
  6. Welcome Alice ! It didn't appear too difficult to ascertain that pic was taken the day your received your new wheels - your grin beneath the helmet clearly gives it away (y)

    I spend considerable time around Frankston/Mt Eliza/Mt Martha areas, so might see you out sometime. Enjoy your new-found passion and safe riding adventures.

    PS - Not sure if you've managed to test your skill at an ascent/descent of Arthurs Seat. Some tight, slow sharp turns there but loads of fun on a quiet day. Enjoy ! :)
  7. Hi Alice, nice to see another girl on here. Welcome to Netrider. Judging by the smile on your face, I can see you've caught the obsession.
  8. Hey Nickers330 and ametha elf, my grin hasn't gone away yet!! And I haven't been up Arturs Seat yet... any particular day you recommend doing it Nickers? Nice and quiet sounds good, I am still learning!
  9. Welcome to Netrider, and the (obvious :LOL:) joys of riding!
  10. Hi Alice and welcome to NR (although we have already met).
    I think the grin in the pic says it all.

    Be careful if you go up Arthurs Seat, It has some very nasty little tricky corners. It's very easy to end up on the wrong side of the road.

    See you at practice next week.
  11. I know Arthurs Seat well and I always recommend for anyone to be at the advisory speeds the first time they go up there. (Obviously from the beach side)
    So anyone going up there the first time, do 15kph if it says so until you get to know the road.

    Take care and enjoy the journey....
  12. Welcome Alice :D

    Saturday morns are an awesome way to meet people and learn the basics of riding ,
    can't thank Hawklord enuff for all his help an patience when I began riding 2 yrs ago ...

    " go left "

    " NO !! "

    " Go LEFT !! "

    " NOOOOOOO !!! "


    " ummmmmmmm ok .. I go left "

    .. haven't looked back since :)
  13. Hey Hornet and thanks muchly :D

    Hi GreyBM and joedelosa, thanks for the advice, I might wait to do the Arthurs Seat trek till I have someone to go up with me, methinks. Am looking forward to it, shall be much fun, and nice to put all this cornering practice on Saturdays to good use!!

    P.S. I now understand what Doug was talking about when he said you have to learn two sets of names!!
  14. Arthurs Seat is quite a nice run... lots of hairpins.

    The first time I took it I was behind a rather large bike (Kawasaki Voyager) so it was good following them because they slowed down a lot :)

    That was incidentally one of my first rides too ;)

    I'd recommend trying to ride with other people... it's great to have some support on call when you need it I think.
  15. Thanks Kitt, I completely agree. I am learning soooo much!! And all the instructory/experienced riders are very patient... I have to know though, why wouldn't you go left?????

    Foxtwo: Sounds like a plan :D
  16. Howdy! Enjoy the ride!
  17. Ermmmmmm 8-[
    going left out of my driveway meant going out into the traffic :eek:hno: ,
    up until then I'd always go right and play for ages in the backstreets and car parks near home ,
    so finally after some gentle persuassion ](*,)( and about 100kms under my belt on the bike )
    I went left ... and as I said .. haven't looked back since ;):twisted:
  18. Hi Alice,

    Welcome to NR also.. you definitely looked more confident on the bike this week.

    On the learning two names topic - I'm another one of the Daves. :)


  19. Welcome little sister :p

    Good luck getting your P's tomorrow.. not that you need it P's are easier than L's
  20. Welcome Alice - i'm from Skye myself (the 'Paris end' of frankston.... :) )so practically neighbours!

    Re Arthers Seat - try it during the week when its not raining to start with! IMHO head up from Safety Beach and down the Red Hill side - not as tricky coming down that way!