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Mornington Kawasaki

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by mike8863, Aug 23, 2013.

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    Found out this morning..

    Mornington Kawasaki has dropped the Kawasaki bit.

    Recently P Stevens took over Sharptune in Dandenong meaning that Mornington was the last reputable Kawasaki dealer on this side of town.

    Mornington is now a Ducati dealer.

    Sorry to bring the bad news to all the team green owners.....

    I suppose that from now on I'll have to get all my bits and pieces from OS....there's no way I'm paying the Stevens' "$5 postage charge" on parts orders, ripoff.

    and to Kawasaki Australia..... thanks for nothing....

    Good news for some though....Mornington Kawasaki Ducati has always enjoyed a good rep for service....hope it translates and continues with their Ducati endeavors.

  2. Isn't there still one in Frankston North?

    ETA Powersports Kawasaki
  3. Don't know how I feel about this. I just upgraded (or downgraded, sometimes it feels like) from a Duc to a Kwaka. Yay for more Ducati, nay for less Kawasaki?
  4. Damn that sucks.......

    John and the boys at Mornington Kawasaki have helped me out in the past with my old kwaka......very knowledgeable....

    Is it the same team of people or have they moved on also?
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    ETA Powersports appears to be a fairly new operation...thanks for the heads up.

    note to self - have to check him out..

    BTW. 2seconds on google tells me ETA Powersports Kawasaki is in Seaford, Klauer St.

    I couldn't tell you the answer to that. I went there based on their rep to enquire about getting some work done to the 10.....

  6. Well if you can track down John he'll be able to sort out the 10

    He races a ZX10R...............quite well indeed.
  7. http://www.kawasaki.com.au/dealers/find-a-dealer

    Powersports is owned and operated by Adam O'Byrne.

    Powersports Kawasaki is open for business.

  8. I had a long chat to the kawa dealer in brighton run by A1. Kawa seems to really ignore lots of the demand from Australia according to what he says it is extremely difficult to get hold of almost any model in the range apart from zx6r's or 10's which don't sell in very high numbers anyway