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Morning waiting-citylink incident

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rookie, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. didn't have a clue why all the bikes were lining up with a huge space in front. :-s

    Anyway, i lined up with them, too. a good reason to take a break after filtering.... After 20 min, ride passing a incident scene about to get Punt Rd exit. Trucks, cars, police vehicles, ambulance, hope no one got hurt.


  2. passive - aggressive message to cage drivers?
  3. they must be frustrated
  4. What time was this taken - I passed through there at just before 9am - It was hell, and not just the cars - so many riders that couldn't split.
  5. around 9 am, i think was 8.45
  6. Just before I came though (I was at the far end of exhibtion st by 9am), nothing was stopped when I went through though - moving very slowly though, and cop cars with lights on trying to work their way through the gridlock.
  7. rookies. with any sense they would have gone the wrong way up and exit ramp where there were no cars at all.
  8. [​IMG]

    Hmmm.......looks like splitting works to me. Thankyou HUN.
  9. Wonder who's idea it was to form a barricade? Did the cops suggest it?
  10. Listening to the radio this morning, they had to close the freeway so they could get the towie in to clean it up. Took em about half an hour. Oh well, least it was a car, not a bike...
  11. filtering this morning was difficult because the cagers were restless and staggered because they were trying to see what was causing the blockage up ahead, quite a annoying really, having to dodge so many mirrors.
    And yes it is true, some riders out there need to practice more filtering, well at least filter at a decent pace so it doesn't negate the reason for filtering.
  12. Probably find the Police pulled them up there to draw a line in the sand so to speak so that as the traffic in front got through the blockage they'd have more room to work at the incident scene.