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Morning or Night Person?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CodeBlueChick, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. Okay, I have sooooo much difficulty getting up for the 9am rides, my brain doesn't turn on untill at least 10.30am...and after a nice lunch at the pub, well things just slow down :shock:
    BUT, get me on an after work ride, its like I can go all night (no comments please! :wink: ) and no matter how early I have to get up the next day, I don't go to bed until at least 1am....gotta love those second/third winds! :roll:

    So when are you at your best on the bike? Morning or Night? How much sleep do you need to ride properly? :)

  2. I've been on rides with only about 5 hours sleep, haven't had a problem.

    I'll admit though, I prefer a ride that doesn't leave until about 10, but then again, usually I have to ride for 3/4 of an hour to get to the meet point...

    As for Day or Night ride, I prefer Day rides, I like to have really good visibility. And there's better things to be doing at night usually too...
  3. I was a night person, now a day person.

    Quite happy to get up early (5.30am for work, and most weekends).
  4. I guess I am pretty lucky.... I can go riding and get excited about going riding...

    ANY TIME day or night
    Little or no sleep
    ALTHOUGH, too much alcohol the night before does result in a very slow early morning start.....
  5. I don't LIKE getting up early, but once I'm up I find my favourite time to ride is around 6.30am on my way to work.. in Summer though, winter is a tad chilly for me! I like the cooler air first thing on a Summer morning and the clear roads, little to no traffic... usually get to work feeling like I would rather have just kept on riding!

    If I'm pillioning, any time is a good time!
  6. Definitely morning for me. I used to need very little sleep - but kids change all that!! The ride into work every morning almost makes it worth coming to work!
  7. I'm a morning person. I would prefer to get my day started nice and early so I have time to do everything I want to. As for riding - I find if I have less than 6 hours I sometimes am on automatic when riding rather than being fully aware. I do recognise these times though, and am doubly cautious of them now...

    And like wanderer - the ride into work almost makes it worth going to work. Unfortunately once there I constantly look out the window and then look forward to the ride home...
  8. I wish I lived a little further out from work.. it takes me 10-15 mins to get to work, so the ride is not as long as I would like it..half the time I spend more time getting my gear on AND if I dont wear all my gear ie. work pants instead of draggin jeans I get my arse yelled out by my co workers in a sneaky method of "well, you obviously dont care about your legs between the hip and shins, do you?" :roll: :)
  9. definitely a night person....i did 2 years night shift in a finance job and still get a buzz being up at 2-3am in the morning....

    a nice ride for me would be afternoonish....
  10. And you're working in an area where there would probably be many a good example come through the doors as to WHY you should always wear your gear.

    Me, I'm neither. I can adjust to a routine within a few days. Hate early mornings if I don't need them, hate late nights if there's no good reason to stay awake. As for a ride - any time that is not raining or blowing a gale is a good time for a ride. Prefer the daytime though - I go slow enough that I can enjoy the scenery. Don't care if I need to leave at 6am (I had a 6:30am start for the XMas Angels day) or 6pm for the ride.

    I expect once I upgrade my bike I'll be worse, and will forgo sleep for riding time...
  11. Love early morning rides. Quite often on weekends I'll be coming back from Kinglake/Healesville at 8ish just as bikes are starting to make their way up. Never done an after work ride... I'm usually too focused on drinking!
  12. I used to be a night owl and found it hard to be alert in the mornings... Now I am definately more of a morning person although I still generally don't go to sleep before midnight. But it doesn't matter what time I go to bed, I am awake early, dagnabbit!

    Having said that I still don't like rides that leave before 9am, too much rushing around to get there when you have to ride half an hour just to get to the meet point.... mornings are for taking your time :D
  13. I am a early morning person (6am-7am) after that I'm dead.... Then late aftrenoons 3-6pm... After that I don't operate..

    I like early morning starts with the group and late afternood fangs with my husband up Glorious and back again

    Lisa :twisted:
  14. CodeBlueChick wrote
    I probably get about 6 hours sleep on a good night. As far as morning or night person goes, I would have to say that I'm a bike person. Time of day doesn't matter to me. When I'm on the bike I'm alert and concentrating. Put me in my tin top and I'm drowsy after an hour, regardless of the time of day.

    My "at home" job is 6 km from my place and has no under cover parking. I ususally ride in unless its raining, it takes longer to get the gear on and off than to do the trip, and the bike sits in the rain all day.

    My "away" job is 250km south. I always ride regardless of the weather, unless the bike is off the road for repairs. I have secure undercover parking. My boss says she's never seen me come to work in a bad mood. After 3 hours of riding, what reason could I have to be in a bad mood?

    I leave home on Thursdays at 7:00am and start work at 10:00am untill 4:00pm, then from 7:00-9:00pm. Stay overnight at the pub then Friday mornings I start work at 8:00am and knock off at 4:00pm for the 3 hour ride home.

    I prefer daylight travel in summer mornings and evenings, but I got used to the winter nights and cold mornings - gloves, long johns, face mask.

    I also go on monthly recreational rides with some mates. If it was financially possible, and matrimonally acceptable, I would ride all day every day.

  15. Must have something to do with my biorythyms or something......other than that sometimes it all just flows others its like you are struggling with the bike the whole ride.

    Generally the better rides are when you sting a few sessions of twisties together over a couple of days. The later sessions are always more fluid and rewarding.

    Generally I'm a night person, but its only been recently that I've started to enjoy riding at night. Probably got something to do with building up more confidence while on the bike and being more able to appreciate feeling the road rather than seeing it at night.

    If you ask a couple of my riding mates my best session of riding was in Tassie towards the end of the day, after I'd been up most of the prior night puking and carrying on after some food poisoning. I took the lead and shook out the mental cobwebs and preceeded to ride faster into the corners than I had before. Didn't feel all that great phyically or on the bike but somehow it was kicking arse.

    I can usually ride with only 20 hours of sleep per week but I do start getting pretty sloppy.
  16. Love the early rides.
    Leave home in the dark, hit the spurs at dawn, stop at Healsville for breaky then home to wake up the missus. Perfect. 8) 8)
  17. Hell, I am an anywhere, anytime type of guy.... :wink:

    OH, we are talking about riding..... morning then
  18. Both;
    since changing to afternoon shift (asia timezone)
    can now extended either ride to/from work (40+ km). :D

    A bonus is avoiding both peak hours, :D
    however gotta keep and eye out for the Grey-Army; School-Zones and Soccer-Mom's.

    7 hours (exactly) 8)
    try to go to sleep at 11:30pm
    internal clock wakes me at 6:30am (no alarm necessary)
  19. I'm probably more alert when its dark than first thing in the morning but still prefer riding when it's light enough to see what I might hit/might hit me so try to avoid riding in darkness. Dusk is always a good time to be out especially in summer, pity the bugs think so too.
  20. I used to be a night person, but juggling full time uni and full time work means I just don't sleep anymore. These days am more alert in the morning, so I take advantage and run v.late for all my morning things since I always take the "scenic route". When I can, I also go for lunchbreak rides... you know, escape the office - freedom! - back within 1 hour, coffee in hand, moderately hungry and grinning like a monkey.

    I have been on a few wee hours rides at like 3 or 4 in the morning (even goddamn insomnia has its upside) they are fun, especially since it gets bright by around 4:30am up here at this time of year, but it doesn't get hot til like 7am :D