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morning or arvo drivers - better or worse??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shagger, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. So whats are our thoughts on cagers?

    Are they better behaved in the morning or are they worse in the afternoon.?

    I say this as I seem to think that the drivers in the morning are more relaxed and really can't be bothered to get to work on time and just blame the traffic for being late, and the afternoon drivers are more anxious to get home and are a tad more stressed.

    Are my obviation's correct?
  2. Starting work at around 530-6am the freeway and roads are littered with tired, stressed out, occasionally hungover fluro wearing construction/Tradie brigade(and I'm one of these brigade) in the times I've braved this lot and ridden to work ive definitely found this time the worst.
  3. When commuting to Port Melbourne and back from Dandenong, I always found the morning drivers more accepting of motorcycle riders. In the afternoon, it's every man for himself, and they are less likely to let you in/move over etc etc.

    And my pet hate, which seems to be more prevalent in the PM is the trucks that insist on taking up all lanes on the freeway. Seems to start from around 10am actually, but as I started earlier than that, it didn't usually affect me on the way into work, only home. Makes filtering a PITA.
  4. They're all shit. Just gotta learn to ride around them.
  5. I find both the same but from different drivers. AM the parents in their big SUV or flashy car racing to get kids to school and in time for work. PM the stressed out, tiered, rat race to get home now and not a second later.

    Both times it's good to leave a half hour before or after traffic hits peak. Calmer drivers then.
  6. Doesn't seem to matter. Although it would make a certain amount of sense for the drivers to be worse in the afternoon with a mix of fatigue, stress and in a rush to get home.
  7. It's a split between tradies early in the morning, or parents in the afternoon who are stressed out (or have been drinking since lunch time).
  8. the award has to go to the afternoon lot. Most of them are extremely shit at driving and sadly more awake, in more of a rush and more stressed out as they have just had a shit day and now just want to get home.

    I find that in the morning everyone is often still slightly asleep and they are much easier to ride around, by the time they notice they are getting filtered your gone.
  9. You clearly don't live in Sydney.

    My vote goes to afternoon too.
  10. Melbourne either. Afternoon peak starts before 3pm here, particularly on the Mash heading into the Burnley Tunnel...urk!
  11. M5 tunnel eastbound stars crawling by 11. The rest of the m5 joins it an hour or so later. You can generally how for a decent run by 7pm.
  12. The more stories I hear about traffic in the cities the less inclined I am to want to move back to one.

    I used to love Melbourne, I was kind of sad when I posted to the bush. But after my last few visits there, well I'm staying where I am.
  13. PM over the westgate is hell at the best of times, and then to add a crash then it's super crazy. Ive seen the time boards change from 20 mins to 44 to get to the point cook bend
  14. I can't really tell from here, but if you bend over and take a deep breath I'd be happy to give them a bit of a squeeze and check for correctness...
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  15. Can I cough too? :D
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  16. Ewww, ya sicko!
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  17. Slight twist on the OP and what i find worse: getting up and heading in at 4:30am for dayshift, vs. getting out of work and heading home at 5:00am from nightshift...
    Given lots of practice, i know im more alert heading home from nights than getting up early for days... and there is me and 1 or 2 other mugs heading home at that time while the other lane heading to us is full of tired people who are still half asleep having just gotten out of bed...
    Amazing how often they cross into your lane.
  18. Friday PM has got to be the worst
  19. Afternoon drivers most definitely are worse than morning ones
  20. You should find peak hour drivers more predicatable. Then tend to be more accepting of the traffic have less personal distractions and will just go the merry way. School hours would be the most be worse as kids poss a greater distraction to the driver(e.g mummy look at that on the side of the road)