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Morning Netriders

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Vivendus, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Only just joined and started browsing but this site is incredible.

    Seems filled with friendly, knowledgable people and a great resource for everything i could ever want to know.

    Im currently in the process of buying my first roadbike (my experience was limited to dirtbikes) and have yet to get my licence.

    By the looks of things im leaning towards buying a gpx250 or zzr250. Im still unsure whether buying a new/near-new from a reputable dealer (im thinking warranty and no chance of the bike being thrashed) or find a used dealer to save money.
    (an adage ive been quoted alot is "Its not if you drop the bike- its when!" so maybe used is the better way to go...

    With my very limited knowledge im a bit scared about buying private- although these forums have given me plenty of things to look out for- nothing beats experience eh?

    Ill be taking along a friend or 2 that knows about bikes when i shop around.

    Cant wait for the weekend!!!!!!!
  2. Welcome.

    If you're in NSW or SA you can buy a LAMS bike and have more choice; if Victoria, then welcome to 250 city!

    Enjoy :grin:
  3. Hey dude, welcome. What area are you from? Buying new or used? I would think a good used bike would be better value, seein as you may want to sell it in a year to step up to something bigger? A new bike is guaranteed to lose its value once off the showroom floor but a used bike is not definately going to need expense.

    I'm sure there are a few riders here that would be happy to look at a used bike that you may be interested in, if you wanted.
  4. Hi Vivendus,

    Your story sounds very similar to mine. I grew up with dirt bikes and always thought of getting a road bike, but time and money were always restrinting factors.

    I went and got my L's last year, well before I started shopping for bikes, then after much of the same considerations that you mentioned I bought a ZZR from a netrider a few months back.

    It is a great bike, I haven't dropped it yet and all is going well.

    There is plenty of advice on buying a bike here on the forums, one very important read is the Used Motorcycle Buying and Evaluation Guide which is in the New Riders and Riders tips section.

    Also if you mention where you live you might find that there are forum members in your area who are willing to help you / give advice and test ride bikes with you.

  5. ...there are some that aren't that friendly... welcome to the nut house. :)
  6. Wow! What site is this? Sounds great! :wink: I would recommend buying used as you can allocate more money for gear. Have you budgeted for gear? Also, potential mistakes may not be so expensive.

    And welcome to the site!
  7. heh! thanks all. Living in Perth atm, yeah, i was gonna budget about $1k-1.5k for gear. I saw a collins/HJC sports pack at motorcycles-assessories for $999 and was gonna buy the rest from there too..... may have a mate of a mate who can hook me up at cost though.

    Yeah, im leaning towards used more and more...
  8. Hi and welcome to the forum. :)

    You're right, this site is full of useful info about anything and everything. :grin:

    Good luck with the motorbike purchase.

    Stay safe
  9. Not a bad package, add about $500 for boots and a pair of Draggin jeans.

    If my budget was $1500 then I would get from the Red Hot specials:

    Bikers Club Modena 2 Piece Leather Suit Was $899.95 Now $599.95
    Shark RSR Laconi Replica Helmet Was $799.95 Now $499.95 Now with FREE Iridium Visor
    Oxtar Matrix Gore-Tex Waterproof Boot Was $379.95 Now $279.95
    Collins RS Race Glove Was $139.95 Now $99.95

    All up this would cost you $1379 very good value


    Dririder Highway Jacket Was $249.95 Now $99.95
    Oxtar Matrix Gore-Tex Waterproof Boot Was $379.95 Now $279.95
    Collins RS Race Glove Was $139.95 Now $99.95
    HJC CL-14 Kast Helmet Was $299.95 Now $199.95

    Now this would only cost you $679 plus a pair of draggin jeans less then $900 bloody good value.
  10. Welcome mate, hope you find some useful stuff on here... just don't take what you read as gospel and you'll be right!!

    Just remember, most of the posts are that persons opinions and you shouldn't base any decisions solely on that info!!

    Other than that, enjoy :cool:
  11. HEy there Vivendus,

    You may want to check out this site: www.rmgear.com.au

    They are a Melbourne based company who produce some mad bike gear at very low costs. You can get a really good looking leather jacket for around 200 bucks... They're tyring to educate the riding community that buying a name brand isnt always the best because you end up paying something like $500 for a jacket that probably cost them 50 bucks to make!

    Anyway, Apart from that, happy shopping and keep us updated :grin:
  12. For $999 you might be able to buy collins/shoei pack?
  13. I agree, craig who is basically racemaster is a very nice guy as well, very helpful with sizing etc...
  14. And they are a Netrider discount partner who give at 10% discount on presentation of your membership card :)

    There is also Underdog Leathers and Scorpion Race Gear who are Netrider discount partners and sell good quality leathers at cheaper prices.
  15. Hey all,

    Thanks for the great feedback.

    Some excellent ideas- especially since i was never a slave to name brands (except my converse 360 when i was a kid- now THEY were some seriously wicked shoes *grin* )

    I reckon ill be going a decent textile jacket and driggin jeans or somethin similar- i think ill leave the leather for later.

    Ill still be getting those collins RS race gloves though.

    1 question; it seems to me that everyones first piece of advice on helmets is size. You know- a cheaper helmet at right size will protect better then a more expensive helmet at wrong size and all that.

    So my question is about buying helmets online. Am i right in saying you should choose your helmet from an online catalogue or whatever, then head on down to a store to check sizes of that brand then return to online store to purchase?

    Different brands would have slightly different sizes wouldnt they?

    Ahh, you know the best thing about all this is 'she-who-must-be-obeyed' is totally in love with roadbikes, and is all for this purchase!! Woot!!

  16. I'd never buy a helmet without being able to try it on....
  17. yep ditto :cool:

    I tried on many, and the one I bought was one that fit the best and it definitely wasn't my first choice of helmet when I started looking :eek:
  18. Welcome to the forums Vivendus.
    Best to go try on a few helmets at the shop to see what suits your head. There is sometimes a huge difference in sizes from brand to brand.