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Morning loop of the Yarra Valley

Discussion in 'Bikes' at netrider.net.au started by Mick M, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. WantFreedom and I set out 7am today, from the Basin (Vic) on a 270km adventure.

    It was a joyous morning and the roads were almost deserted until almost midday. First stop was Gembrook, followed by Yarra Junction, via Milners Rd.

    We enjoyed breakfast in the little café, next to the Op-Shop, consisting of a killer bacon and egg sandwich complimented by coffee, good enough to make a Ducati owner weep.

    Next stop was Mt Donna Buang, then the Reefton Spur, Camberville, and lunch in Marysville Bakery. My Shepherds Pie was OK, but I've had better.

    Up and down the hill through to Narbethong, over the Black Spur (no cops in sight), with a brief stop at Selovers Lookout.

    Up through Chum Creek to Toolangi (deleted any remaining chicken strips on the new rear tyre - lovely), left hook at Mt Slide followed by the highway drone to (and through) Yarra Glen.

    Arrived home at 1.30pm, with a big grin on my stupid face. Life - Is - So - Good
    001.JPG 005.JPG 008.JPG 015.JPG

    Ride, wash, lube, repeat...
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  2. Was a great ride ended up with 300km on the clock for a roughly 6 and half hour trip my longest ever! didn't hit the reserve but filled up Red Lantern with the good stuff and she took 11.5litres of petrol so pretty good mileage :)

    Thanks for lead Mick.

    Roads nice and quiet early morning good times, some pics I took of the ride.

    CB250. CB250. Mick1. cb2502. cb2503. mick2. Mick3. Marysville.

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  3. great to see you getting out mate
  4. Yes, now the weather is better lately I have been only doing smallish rides like 1 hour or so been to cold haha, seeing as tennis just finished I plan on coming on one of your afternoon rides shortly now I'm free Saturday arvos so look out :)

    I do like the early morning rides though had pretty much all the roads to ourselves most of the morning even on Reefton we were the only two bikes going in the direction of Marysville.
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  5. Well done mate, my sort of ride area so see you out there...
  6. Awesome ride and thanks for sharing the pics!
  7. We're off again this Sat @ 7am.
    Watch this space for another epic trip round-up.
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  8. might see you guys out and about
  9. We're starting early, Uncle Greg. Much riding to be done. 7am start in Yarra Glen.

    This is NOT a led ride, just two mates out and about.

    However, if anyone wants to join us, or say 'Howdy' during the day, this is an idea of where you'll find us.

    There will be dirt sections around Christmas Hills and I think Woods Point Rd is unsealed, as well as Crystal Creek Rd. We're on street tyres, therefore "slow'n'steady" is the mantra for the day.

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  10. well probably wont see you guys then
    be very careful from Jamieson to woods point,make sure you have fuel before you leave
  11. HI UG

    Do you mean be careful as in the road is tricky or be careful not to run out of fuel ??
  12. both mate I think it is around 100km of goat track
    a couple of years ago some of the boys did it on adventure bikes all fell off at some stage one of the guys took his vfr800 but didn't fall, but the road was so rough that his mirror broke
    me and another bloke turned back from jamieson and went home the easy way
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  13. Thanks for the information sounds pretty shit road lol, if its that bad will have to look at another route need to give the CB250 some love and not damage her I treat her well she treats me well :)
  14. you could come back down EJ or head over to Mansfield
    you guys have a big day planned anyway you look at it
    have fun
  15. Thanks, Uncle Greg.

    I didn't realise it was that rough. Will look at an alternative route.
  16. seems a great ride. i am new to riding (4 months) 2000 kms undermy belt. i also ride a honda cb250 -2006 12000km. how did the honda go?
    my longest ride to date is melbourne to mornington. to dromoma (along the coast road) up and down arthurs seat and back to melbourne. did this on the public holiday fri before grand final
  17. It does long distance rides without any worries. Just don't be in a hurry and enjoy the trip.
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