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Morning laugh: Guy tried to block me from merging onto the freeway.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Typical morning, doing my thing. Coming up the ramp to merge onto the freeway, turn on my signal, get turned around in the saddle to find the gap I like best. Roll on the throttle eeeeever so slightly to match speed… and the guy in the 911 behind the gap looks at me and floors it. :rofl:

    Nice try, pal. You'll need the Turbo :applause:

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  2. A freeway with gaps? WTF?
  3. Some would say it's preposterous, but it's true!
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  4. Monash was a parking lot today. :eek:
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  5. burnley and domain tunnels were closed
  6. Though the tunnels were closed, the freeway leading up to it wasn't so bad. Either way, I had a lovely day getting to work, albeit 2 near misses with some soccer mums.
  7. Yes, this annoyed me coming in from the West Gate... but eventually took the Power St exit and then enjoyed the almost empty Monash outbound to Mt Waverley.

    Still closed as of 11 minutes ago.
  8. News reports are now saying they still don't know what is wrong and they might stay shut for the afternoon peak hour too :-(
  9. My wife quite correctly pointed out the stupidity of that sort of competitive, blocking, intolerant behaviour shown by some car drivers, comparing it to pedestrian behaviour......if we are walking down the street and someone wants to cut across us, or generally gets in our way,do we step forwards to block them, or abuse them for walking too slow in front. No (generally not), we just move to accommodate them. But some get into cars where they can't be recognised or engaged directly and they turn into intolerant fiends. Geez, it shits me.
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  10. And Grue, my nod to you was mainly for your avatar....haven't seen it before and I love it. You should try working with these people!!
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  11. Man, I don't know that I could. My tolerance for the mentally deficient is… somewhat below the average :angel:
  12. Yeah it's pretty ridiculous, I don't see the point. If someone signals, I'll do anything I can within reason to accommodate them!
  13. Well if the tunnel is closed, more reason to take the scenic route :) by the water, maybe stop for ice cream. YEAH!
  14. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ice cream
  15. Yeah it was his road you were invading and space you should be more considerate and saluted before hand.
    Anyway enough crap,just ignore them but enough to know were they are and cut straight through them,that puts them in their place.
    Their cars they dont rate.
  16. Mercifully my wife noticed the closure in the news before I left, so I'm working from home today.

    How I suffer ... this is the view from the deck where I'm working:

  17. Impressive. For such a staunch libertarian I kind of expected a compound with several rows of razor wire and a few wandering attack dogs :twisted:.

    Hmm. Maybe I've spent too much time studying the US bike scene :shock:.
  18. Does happen occasionally mate. Same as sitting in front at the red light and some dude thinks they can give you a race taking off. They feel absolutely proud when they catch up to me eventually, because they're doing 120 kmh in an 80 zone. I just laugh at them and take off in front of them at the next red light. :D
  19. or when queing to overtake in the 'fast' lane & some one in a Getz squeezes in front from the slow lane only to get left behind again when they merge back into the slow lane & hold up the guy they just overtook?

    You sir a genius!
  20. Did that...had to go from Dandenong to Port Melbourne today, so headed down the beach road. Fantastic until just before North Rd, then it was a parking lot. Not much opportunity to filter thru b/c trucks in all the lanes, and it's a bit narrow there.

    Cleared up again going into St Kilda.

    A not bad commute, but still took awhile.

    Scenery was fantastic tho.. sea was like glass, and you couldn't easily tell where the sea stopped and the sky began.