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Morning commute was a little interesting

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by BitSar, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Just feel like having a vent....

    Commuting to work this morning on the bike.....Got hit.

    I was riding in the right wheel track road position. There was a car waiting to turn left into my lane from a side street and a car waiting to turn right into my lane from a gap in the median strip. The "median strip" is actually car parks running running 90 degrees to the traffic flow.

    I can see that the guy wanting to turn right into my lane is looking at the car waiting to turn left and paying me minimal attention.....I back off.

    Sure enough as soon as the car up ahead makes his left hand turn this guy on my right pulls out in front of me and takes my lane.....I had backed off so I am now behind him....okay I think that was rude but I'll deal with you dropping in on me.

    The guys in front accelerates down the road in front of me – I come off brakes and apply a little power....hmmmm...this is the bad part.

    Keep in mind I am in the right hand wheel track road position, I have not come off my line and am continuing down the road behind this guy who just dropped in on me in my lane.

    This guy sees a car space in the median strip parking, hits the brakes and swings into the right DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME....no indicator, no nothing just wooshh.......Obviously he hasn't lined up the turn or slowed gradually so he noses in and his car is diagonal across the road half in half out of the car space.

    I grab brakes, click down gears and try engine braking.....no good...I'm going in.

    I hit the rear quarter panel of the car the front forks compress and take most of the energy through the frame.....phew....legs down...

    I didn't drop the bike. I've nicked the fork seal on the left tree and I bent the mounting tab for the left indicator stalk. No other damage.

    Me and this guy exchange some words, he is sincerely apologetic and admits fault saying he didn't see me etc etc....I find this strange as he must have seen me in order to drop in in front of me....but meh....

    I tell him that if he'd done that to a learner things could have gone bad quickly and he needs to think....he seems to take in on board....

    We shake hands, I tell him to have a good life, straddle the bike, head check and continue to work.......

    That was my morning......hmmmmm


  2. interesting first post...?
  3. Wow glad your ok, could of been alot worse
  4. Sorry, but if you were behind him and had sorted out the situation after he cut in ahead of you, it's down to you regardless of his lack of indication or sudden braking.
  5. obviously you did'nt back of enough and did'nt buffer enough when he was ahead of you.
    completely your own fault and you ride like a dick.
    you knew this car was dangerous and yet you stayed close behind it. WTF were you thinking ??
    it's perfectly normal for cars in these scenarios to stop suddenly without warning or indicating. i've even had them stop and start reversing back into me.
    and then you come out saying 'lucky i was'nt a learner or would have been far worse'
    dude, i've never seen a learner ride that bad. you're a dumbass. learn how to ride.
  6. and why the hell did you continue to follow the car in the right hand wheel track ???
    theres cars parked to your right and a median stip, you can't go there!
    where did you intend to go if the car ahead stopped or slowed suddenly. because that's what they do, all the time. where was your out?
    seriously even learners know better than this, silly nong
  7. I think I understand what happened..

    It sounds like the guy who came out of the side street cut in front of you, not the one who came in from the median strip??

    Cos if it was the one in your lane there is no way in hell he would be able to get into one of those mid road parking spaces from the right lane, you have to pull into the left then cut across, these things are the worst invention ever, I see so many near misses & pissed off people trying to get into these spots..

    But if it was the guy directly in front, then you were way too close..

    Could you clarify what happened a bit as your post does sound like the guy directly in front of you turned in & you hit him...
  8. Yep, this needs a bit of clarifacation, because right now it seems you were either riding too close (if it was one lane), or riding in his blind spot (if it was 2).
  9. sounds like you did a standard rear ender. All on you champ. In fact, his admitting fault might not even count for anything when it comes to insurance.
  10. Today the old adage of the person behind is fully responsible has passed.
    The courts accept today that modern breaks and modern dumbed down brains are not a good mix.
    And so if you hit some one from behind, all the facts will be taken into account.

    I had a car cut me off from the left hand lane in Warrigal rod Holmsglen, I was in a right truck, there was no where to go with peak hour traffic in two lanes and a railway bridge.
    I managed to force him out sideways into parked cars so that I did not have to run up his backside.
    Cops balled the clown out even when I admitted I had to choose between letting him fully in and running into him, or squashing him out into parked cars.
  11. This was my interpretation...

    Also, he cut in front meaning bike is damaged but no exchange of insurance details?!?!
  12. That's because it was his fault. Failing to give way and stopping in a straight line are two different things.
  13. Rubbish. I have yet to see or experience a classic rear ender where the vehicle behind was not entirely responsible. That includes two cases where I was the vehicle behind, so I've no personal axe to grind on the matter.

    Being cut off and hitting the other vehicle which has appeared unexpectedly in your braking space is an entirely different situation. As far as I'm aware, the courts and the cops have always recognised this.

    The OP reads, to me, that the cutting off had nothing to do with the rear ender, the rider having already adjusted their speed and following distance after the car pulled out.

    There is no valid excuse for hitting the vehicle in front at that point.
  14. Other than the big red brake lights.

    The lesson here is to look further ahead than what's right in front of you. If there's an empty parking space, and a car is braking, it's pretty safe to assume they're aiming for that empty spot. Never expect cars to use their indicators, especially cars that may have been circling for a while looking for a park.
  15. http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/rulesregulations/downloads/1210_demerits_general.pdf

    Rule 53 (2) Not give sufficient warning of stopping $143 and 2 points

    I'm not saying it's common, I've never personally seen or heard of anyone getting done for this but it does exist. I may have misinterpreted what you mean by 'classic' situation though, if you are just driving along and the person in front stops suddenly 99.999% of the time you will be at fault.

    Giving 'sufficient' warning is a very broad and general term as well. This could maybe mean using your handbrake to stop so as to avoid brake lights etc. As I said it's a very rare offence, I've never heard of anyone being done for it so I don't know what the circumstances need to be for this to apply. Perhaps as you said, someone cutting in front of you in your following distance then slamming their brakes on. The OP is quite vague - was it the car in the left hand lane that did it or was it the guy in front in the right lane?
  16. Hello Monkeyman,

    Thanks for you eloquent reply.

    I am not a learner rider.

    The problem with describing a situation such as this via text is that the time period is stretched. It sounds like this situation unfolded over a number of seconds. As a rider, Monkeyman, I assume you know that everything I wrote in the original post occurred in a period of about 1 - 2 seconds.

    Again, I thanks you for your response.
  17. are you saying that you can't learn anything new once you're on your P's or full licence?

    edit: removed stuff
  18. Then clearly you were riding too close, you are supposed to leave a 3 second gap...

    You should have enough room to safely stop if the driver in front comes to an instant stop (i.e if they tbone someone). And have more then enough room if you include their braking distance.

    Realistically no one leaves this kind of gap, but we all know the risks we are taking and if the person in front of us stops for what ever reason and we can't stop in time then we know we are at fault.

    I'm sorry about your crash, and i know you were looking for a bit more sympathy from us. But you need to modify your riding.
  19. Definitely not from an internet site. If you get your riding advice from strangers on the internet, you are a retard.
  20. Forgetting the fact that cagers in a rush can start turning their wheel to swing around without applying any brakes...
    Although agreed with you here.