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Morning all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dsyfer, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Howdy everyone, looks like a nice place to pull up a seat and have a good old chin wag.

    I have been riding for about 12 years, and have had a number of different bikes over that time; RD350, ZZR600, GPZ750, TT600, 750 Shadow, VT250F plus a couple I forget.

    But if all goes smoothly I should be picking up a brand new 2011 GSXR1000 early next week :dance:

    As I live in the Adelaide hills, I get to do Chain of Ponds twice a day to and from work, so cant wait to take the new bike through, even makes me want to go to work 8-[
  2. Wow you must really love your job!! Joking, welcome mate, and great choice, im jealous. Some pretty good deals going around atm on 2011 stock. Have fun, enjoy :)
  3. 1 hour to go before I can pick up my new GSXR1000 =D> waiting waiting...
  4. Pics of the bike and of you grinning !!!