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Mornin' All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RobinW, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. Just registered and thought I'd say hello. Up early this morning, put my rebuilt shocks back on the R1200RTP yesterday so an early start today for a run to Beaudesert, Kyogle, Murwillumbah and back from the Eastside of Brisbane. Looks like the weather is going to play the game as well today too.

    On another note, does anyone buy tyres from Jake Wilson in the USA? I've been after a pair of Michelin PR4 GT's for this bike but there don't seem to be any in Oz that will fit. They are telling there's a six week wait for a boat load to arrive. I've ordered a pair from the USA and was wondering how long they take to get here.

    Have a great day .....
  2. Good morning Robin and welcome!

    I was up early this morning doing a little maintenance myself. The only way I can do anything to the bike on the weekend without a 4yo 'helper'.

    For tyres, drop @MMMTS@MMMTS a line. He works out of Melbourne, but may have some insight for you.
  3. Howdy and welcome.
  4. Welcome to NR.
  5. Welcome to the madhouse!
  6. Cheers guys. Way too much traffic around for my liking yesterday. I forgot it was school holidays plus a public holiday in QLD today :(

    Still, got the shocks dialed in, more or less.
  7. Just wanted to give a shout out for Jake Wilson motorcycles in Utah USA.

    I've been chasing a pair of Michelin PR4 GT's for this BMW R1200RT cop bike I got my hands on for a couple of months. I finally found out there are only a few large sizes in the country and they are waiting for a boat load to arrive in 6 to 8 weeks :(

    Ordered on line from Jake Wilson, paid with PayPal, Shipped last Monday arvo, arrived 3.5 days later, Thursday arvo. What !!!

    Price, cost me $450 delivered for both, will cost me $44 to get them fitted. Here, motobarn has the obselete PR3's for almost $500 a pair. I couldn't get a price for PR4's as noone has any :)

    Just like xmas :)
  8. They are available, I just fitted a set of the GTs. Too bad you aren't in Melbourne cos Bruce from @MMMTS@MMMTS does a great job.
  9. What did they cost? My rear is 180/55, normal old 120/70 front.
  10. Then again, don't tell me, I wanna keep this positive vibe going :)