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more ZZR problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Snowman, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. My bike wont start.

    after changing the cracked and brittle fuel line my bike will not start up again it just turns over but doesnt catch and start.


    i had trouble getting some fuel hose and the bike was left over night with the tank off and fuel line open. could moisture have gotten in? enough to stop it starting?

    while the tank was off my dad decided to clean my carbs for me, but im pretty sure all he did was take the caps off and spray cleaner inside. he also hosed the engine a bit cause it had grime all over it and accidentally wet the spark plugs. when they dried still no start so i replaced them. still no go...

    i have also drained the carbs and some murky stuff came out of one but then went clean, the other only dropped clean petrol.

    ive also pulled the carbs apart twice to check that dad put them back right and he did... the first time i check they were clean as a whistle (from the top) but the second time there was a bit of paint flakes and crud settled in the nooks and crannys in there... so my next step will be to pull the carbs out (never done it before) and clean them unless somebody knows something else that i can try. i would take it to a mech but it will be a pain in the ass to get it there.

    thats all the details i can think of right now... oh, it also back fired once while trying to start nearly gave my dog a heart attack, but that means it is getting fuel doesnt it? maybe too much? i dunno lol if anyone could help me out i would apreciate it so much thanks guys.
  2. Drain the tank just to be safe, put new fuel in, set tap to "PRIME" (this is important!) then you should be right!

    If not, make sure everything is connected right, hose, air filter, vacuum lines, etc.
    Fuel, air & spark are what you need, make sure you have them all!

    Good luck, let us know how you go!
  3. These little things need a pretty good battery if not tuned and set up correctly. They like a fairly fast cranking speed in my experience so just because your battery is turning over the engine it may not have enough juce to generate spark as well.

    Make sure the carbs have fuel. Have you tried the tap on Prime?

    Whack some jumper leads on and see if that makes any difference.
  4. mmk, the battery is pretty new and is still good, chucked a charger on it and still wont start.

    tried new fuel and on prime still wont go, the bike seemed like it almost started after i turned the idle screw up a bit but still wont go! i might drain all the fuel from the carbs again too and see if it helps.

    a few new observations:

    the fuel inside the fuel filter has turned an orangy colour over night i thought maybe rust in the tank but i left the tank off since last time i was fiddling with it.

    also, i have removed my tank a few times before and the pet c0ck would dribble a bit of fuel then stop, but now it just keeps pouring out it doesnt stop i have to plug it with my finger then sit the tank upright so it doesnt leak could this be the problem?

    ahhhh!!!! this is doing my head in it seems like there is so many things it could be i looked around on the web and someone suggested starter solonoid? fuses?

    also the bike was running fine before i pulled it apart to change the fuel hose :evil:

    thanks for help guys ill keep trying stuff
  5. A few thoughts of mine, apologies if I'm telling you how to suck eggs...
    - orange fuel sounds a lot like rust. When the tank on my zzr rusted, I had to strip the carbs to clean the rust particles out. It looked like red mud in the bowls. Also ended up needing new needles and seats.
    - really basic, but might be worth checking if the fuel line is kinked. They didn't come from the factory with fuel filters, and its pretty tight once you add one. Caught me out..
  6. If you've got paint flakes in the carbies then there is little point in doing anything else than stripping them and cleaning them with a carbie cleaner.

    It also tells me your tank is in need of attention. Get a coating kit. This will remove the old coating, remove the rust and put a new coating in. dont get it on the outside of your tank.

    Replace the filter/s too. I had some new ones once they slowly fell apart and caused no end of carbie troubles.

    After you've done the carbie rebuild, put it on prime for a while, then with a fully charged battery crank it over and hold it. After a big carbie rebuild it may take a while to fire.

    Then do a carbie balance.
  7. yeah sounds like tank coat time for sure. and completely re-build the carbs for piece of mind
  8. bike is at the mechanics now because i dont really have time to pull it apart, but ill do it if this ever happens again. my tank has paint flakes in it from a dodgy respray but i cleaned it out properly when i got the bike and it hasnt been an issue since but maybe some left overs finally got through the filter.