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more young flesh

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sebatron, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. i'm new to netrider. (yeah, another one)

    i ride a 91 Kwaka GPX250. First bike, got it 2 months ago, despite having gotten my Ls mid last year.

    Anyway, I go to Swinburne in Hawthorn, live in Kensington.

    And my name's Sebastian in case my nick didn't suggest that.


  2. Welcome aboard Sebastian, come for a ride with us .... we will make ya welcome and where a friendly bunch :)

    Swear we wont bite... er ok one of riders might .. but usually we have a medic on hand :p :)


    XG ~ matt
  3. Welcome to the forums Sebastian!! :)

    :D :D
  4. just by chance is it black and do you ride it to and park it on campus?
  5. why you lookin for bits eswen...lol..... :p (just jokin)
  6. Welcome to the site Sebastian
  7. Nope, got all the bits I need now ;)
  8. A hoy hoy..... Welcome :D

    PS: Im not the biter. You'll find out who that is during the "initiation"
  9. Welcome Sebastian :)
  10. Welcome Sebastian, hope to see you at coffee sometime.
  11. Thanks for the welcomes. I'll try to make it to coffee sometime.

    Eswen - Yeah, I do ride to and park on campus. I go to the tafe, but park on Burwood road near the Uni Engineering building. And yeah, it's black (with red) and it has shoei and sidi stickers on the ride hand side.
    And a cracked windshield... And it's a fairly dodgy looking bike.

  12. cah-ray-zee I also go to swinny hawthorn and am another poor sucker with a gpx two-fiddy!

    Would be cool if you guys wanted to do a ride sometime, no-one can blaze ahead of the others :LOL:
  13. i dont do swinny tafe, but my bf does and we've both seen said dodgy bike ;) next time i see either of ya ill say hi :)