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More trouble for QLD

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TRA, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. I hope shit is not too bad for you North Queenslanders. Thats one nasty cyclone on its way. Hopefully it loses its bite before it makes it to the mainland, otherwise the east coast is in big trouble.

  2. Thanks for your concern. Yasi does look a bit menacing.
  3. Even if it lessens, if it crosses the coast it'll still mean a whole lot of rain gets dumped.
  4. The poor buggers... As if they haven't had enough natural disasters for now... Doesn't Mother Nature know we'd prefer her to pick on someone her own size? I hope it all fizzles out before it gets there!
  5. Qld Has 5 cyclones on average each year, DEC to MARCH,

    You learn to live with them, Chronic amount of rain,
  6. This one is going to be a nasty one. It's category 5 now.

  7. We've cleaned the yard, removed everything we can, have supplies, water, torches, candles. I have a 1kw generator that will at least power some small appliances and plenty of fuel. Dogs and cat is inside, me and Lizzy are now more stressed with the waiting than anything else.

    It's eerie. Just been to the Esplanade, seas have come up a lot in the last hour, but there's still not a lot of wind.
  8. Good luck cejay, feel for u guys
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    category 5 - if you're anywhere nearby, PLEASE EVACUATE!





    this is the BIGGEST cyclone to hit QLD, they're turning off the power in the main areas.

    people will be without phone reception and there will be a lack of communication, so if your loved ones do not reply immediately, please understand they are most likely okay, they just do not have the means to be able to communicate via phone or internet.
  10. Take care all NRs in FNQ. This is going to be a big one.
    Emergency services are also saying to remember that if the storm ceases suddenly, it means you are in the eye - do not leave your shelter.
  11. There's a lot a talk about cairns but to me it looks like Townsville may be hit hard. It'll be straight off the ocean for them.

    although the swell will be Cairns' problem.
  12. Cejay, this will have the power to take your house. Take a lot of care, mate.
  13. Be safe, everybody up that way. Let us know when its passed how you all are please.
  14. Current forecast track is just south of Innisfail, still some 250km north of Townsville. Swell is always south of the storm due to the clockwise flow of the storm.
  15. Sending thoughts and concerns yours and Lizzie's way Cejay.
  16. I heard on the ABC this morning that the lull in the eye of the storm could be almost an hour , before it kicks off again .Thats a very big cyclone :shock:

  17. 60 - 80 km eye the dude was just saying on the radio. Yikes.
  18. some great photos... but jeezus!

    i'd love to see photos/videos of the actual cyclone... is that asking too much? i love weather events etc, really interesting!

    get in the bathtub, and stay there with your loved ones. make sure lots of water is stored, animals have all ID on them, you got human and animal medication, lots of canned food, a spare battery for your phone fully charged, torches, batteries, radio, chocolate and lots of water in bottles in the freezer.

    toilet paper, alcohol (or fizzies) for the cravings if you need it etc.

    i want to speak to you again when this is all over!
  19. i'm sure there will be lots of people staying behind just to take as many hero pictures and as much hero video footage as they can..