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More triumphs in QLD

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Dave_the_waterlogged, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Hi Folks,

    Something I've noted while browsing/drooling over the potentials for the next bike (41 days - not that I'm counting) is that there seems to be a lot more of certain bikes in QLD vs Vic.

    I've mostly been looking at Tiger 800, 1050 and the Sprint ST and GT, so I cant comment on any others, but the difference in the numbers of these bikes for sale in QLD vs elsewhere is very noticable. There doesnt seem to be the same difference in other makes/models - but then I havent really looked that hard.

    Triumph Sprint ST:
    ACT 2
    NSW 10
    QLD 22
    SA 5
    VIC 8
    TAS 1
    WA 4

    Sprint GT:
    QLD 8
    NSW 2
    WA 2
    Vic 1

    Tiger 1050:
    QLD: 12
    SA 2
    NSW 1
    WA 1
    Vic 0

    By Contrast the Street Triple (ie, not a sports tourer)
    QLD 8
    NSW 6
    Vic 6
    Other combined 2

    Or Daytona
    QLD 20
    NSW 14
    VIC 10
    WA 5
    SA 3
    Other combined 3

    Total Triumphs:
    QLD: 276
    NSW 219
    VIC 148
    WA 69
    SA 45
    TAS 20
    ACT 9
    NT 1

    Total Bikes for sale:
    QLD 5869
    Vic 5654
    NSW 5363

    Much less proportional difference in total bikes

    Not a scientific study at all - just the figures off bike sales, but its got me idly speculating as to what the possible cause may be - and I wondered what others might idly speculate on a warm friday arvo.
    - Dealer network in QLD particularly good, or else where really bad (Cue PS bashing :D )?
    - Climate/Roads better suited to touring bikes? This doesnt really account for the other models being more popular.

    If nothing else, its providing a damn good excuse for a road trip when the time rolls around :)


  2. You've gone to quite some effort to summarize the figures but I've noticed a similar pattern recently as well.

    I have been considering another bike and 2 triumphs are on my tentative short list however most of the stocks seem not to be in Victoria.

    I can only assume that PS choose not to keep higher stock levels because other models sell faster and/or are more profitable which makes sense from a business perspective but it's annoying as a potential buyer (I don't think that's PS bashing) :)
  3. Well, I guess I'm one of your statistics.

    Recently traded my Sprint ST to a QLD dealer.
  4. I've always noticed how many more, and much cheaper, bikes are in Queensland. I went there last weekend for the first time (Brisbane and Noosa and surrounds), and it's certainly a nice place to ride, and I noticed for one thing so many scooters on the road for that very reason no doubt. I would have thought this would be off-set by our greater population down south. Perhaps we spend our money on evenings at the theatre and cashmere lounges in order to keep us entertained while the sleet falls outside in Marvelous Melbourne? I know that the rain causes endless dry-cleaning bills for my top hat and evening suit.