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VIC 'More tragedy on Victorias roads'

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by CFVFR, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. The usual from the Hearld, as sad as it is to loose more folk.

    What gets me is the type in bold.

    Speed will always lead to death, again and again and again and again.....
    Edited text

    High speed is being investigated as the possible cause of the smash, with the woman's car hitting an embankment and sent flying before ploughing into a bridge over the freeway at Heatherton Rd, Doveton, about 2.30am.
    Full story


    Since when has high speed solely caused a crash? Accident happened at 0230

    Interesting. Even if Ken Lay is moved at least the muppets will be sprouting the same BS!
  2. Media will be media...

    and brownyy will continue to lick cow balls
  3. .... it's a tragedy when ANYONE dies, for any reason, with whatever contributing circumstances, isn't it ???
  4. dude, those are'nt cows, they're bulls.
    ...umm, not that theres anything wrong with that.

    the reason we get too many people binning it on freeways and highways at this time of year, is because there is so many people on those roads that only get on highways/freeways once a year, to visit moree distant relatives.
    the rest of the year they piddle around ant 40-60kph because that's as fast as they're allowed to go anywhere.
    so speed is a factor because they're rarely ever allowed or have opportunity to drive at higher speeds.
    this is also why the right hand lanes of freeways/highways are littered with petrified numpties sitting on 80-90kph, too panic stricken to move over.
    they've been brainwashed to believe that merely moving at those speeds will cause an accident.
  5. Also why rural backroads and highways get slowed to a crawl because of people who lack the confidence/ability to overtake slow moving vehicles. Nothing annoys me more than getting stuck in a slow moving convoy because some halfwit is incapable of overtaking a sheep truck or tractor that's doing 20-30kph under the limit, as it is these people that prompt others to take dangerous risks trying to overtake several vehicles in one go.

    I often wonder how many of the cars running off the road or having head on collisions are not so much related to speed, but more to frustration of not being able to overtake - which is not helped by the lack of overtaking lanes on many roads, or the fact that overtaking lanes are popular spots for police and speed cameras.
  6. Not to mention the RTA's love of removing perfectly fine overtaking spots and making them double lined =D>
  7. As someone else pointed out "Media will be Media"

    Let's say you come a gutsa... Journo's sniffing around for info will hit your FB page to see if anything online about you can add some sensationalism to the piece they are doing..

    Yeah it's a stretch but A little dig and look at the fuel you could potentially give them...

  8. Have a look at the location on streetview and it's pretty clear that even if high speed was present it speed played little part in this one. The bend is no more than a gentle 5 degree turn. To get airborne would involve spearing well to the left into the grass embankment and no properly functioning and operated vehicle is going to do that regardless of speed. There are so many more likely scenarios that this headline is just a joke.
    Pure fiction IMO, most likely from the VP media spin unit.
  9. Single vehicle into that embankment - even at the speed limit it is going to get airborne. It is most likely that she could have gone to sleep -and went into the embankment etc.

    And an interesting statement from Ken Lay

    ...this is often about people not concentrating and going about their day-to-day business.

    "I'm not certain double demerits would make any different at all to that group."
  10. Repsi, Looks like my mate Phill is well in the poo then!
  11. Hey I remember that, he had his cruise control on.
  12. Think I've got one of Joe with his front wheel aloft somewhere too......hang on...no I dont!! Ha Ha!