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More top end on 2005 50cc vmoto monza scooter?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by howelly, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. i just got a 2nd hand 2005 50cc vmoto monza scooter, its only done 2900km but it only does 60kph at top speed. i need to try get more top speed on it for going to work since i can only go on roads which are around 70- 80 kph, and i find it to Dangerous on it at that speed. can anyone help me to find the motors restictours or other parts which restricts top speed.

    Thanks Dylan,[/b]

  2. first you want a muffler to make more power / then at the same time also do the rollers..you can think of the rollers as changing the gear ratios. you will lose some acceleration but gain some top end speed... doing the muffler will help cancel the loss in acceleration (they make a big difference). for a little bit more you could also put in a 70cc bore kit. most scooter shops should be able to do the job and give you prices.
  3. howelly the mods to make it go quicker will likely come at a cost. I have heard of people modding 50cc scooters and having the engine give up after 10,000kms.
  4. What are mufflers worth and what type is good? How would i change the rollers to get more top end? how much would a new motor cost for a scooter incase i do mod it and it dies after 10,000kms?
  5. Also keep in mind that the mods mentioned will make your scoot un roadworthy and hence leave you open to a fine and also uninsured.

    Just mentioning it so your aware of what your doing. Its your call.
  6. Do you need a motorbike license to ride a 50cc scooter in Perth?
  7. talk to showandgo.com.au ...
  8. so if i did my rollers on the gears and just brought a new muffler or power pipe would that leave my bike uninsured.

    yes you do need a license as i am only 16.
  9. Hey,is there anywhere i can get a proformance pipe for my 50cc scooter. how much would they cost and how do i do my rollers on the gears change it for take off to top speed. more top less bottom?
  10. Basically, yes.

    The problem is that scooters are classified as "mopeds" and they are imported into Australia under strict conditions, the most obvious of which are "no more than 50cc" and "speed limited to 50km/hr". You are not allowed to modify a vehicle so that it breaches the Australian Design Rules (ADR's).

    I've actually got a friend of a friend who is a cop and he mentioned that the cops are well aware of this and its only a matter of time until they crack down on it. For me, the bigger issue is insurance. IF you did have an accident, even if the modification didnt cause it, I can imagine an insurance company making your life hell if they discovered that you were on an unroadworthy bike.

    Having said that, virtually all people who buy 50cc scoots end up "de-restricting" them because they find they are dangerously slow. So its up to you if you do it. So far, they cops and licensing authority have only cracked down on dealers and shops doing the de-restricting, but as I said, its only a matter of time before cops start targeting riders.