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More things in heaven and earth than in your...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Oldie, May 11, 2012.

  1. First up, apologies for how long this Rant type thing may get.

    I'm one of those people who seem to be living three lives in one with the cramming of various careers, lifestyles and extended travels into one life.

    This means I have been a lot of places, met a lot of people, done a lot of different things for money, lived OS and travelled most of Oz and a fair part of the world, whereas the majority of people I have met or known tend to live in and around one main area all their life, stick to one main career path and don't get out of country, etc. Of course there are exceptions to that too.

    As some of you know I got off to a bad start here with some members that has left me with no credit as someone worth listening to. Silly old fart huh? It's a case of fighting my own demons, or health issues.. which one you prefer to think it is of no interest to me.

    One thing my life showed me was that most people have no personal and direct experience of what I think of as the bigger picture reality I know exists all around us. The things I have been experiencing since childhood, that seem so natural to me, are something heavily denigrated in general society still today.

    I read the general consensus on "fortune tellers".. the terminology which shows least understanding of what that work really is. Seems the majority still BELIEVE psychics and such are a load of crap.

    I do get that this is an opinion and those who hold it are entitled to do so. But I also wonder why it is that those who DO NOT KNOW anything about it directly are the ones who most quickly go to denigration and false accusation.

    Sure I understand we each have had our own experiences of life as we mature. And sure I am aware of what I call Cultural Indoctrination that occurs from the moment we are born in order for us to grow into a homogenised and productive member of our own Culture.

    I just don't get why so many choose to remain safely attached to the limitations of our cultural beliefs, to remain confined within that box... and then to put shit on anything or anyone who speaks about outside that Box.

    Yes.. I understand the New Age Industry has gone down the very same road as all other human endeavours, towards Greed, unbalanced Ego, and in most cases is empowered by the need for the Lifestyle to display a successful career within The Industry.

    And that pisses me off with it. I am aware that the actions of some give a bad reputation for those who do know what the hell they are doing and doing it for the right reasons.... just as in the motorcycling world... or other aspects of life.

    My experiences in what we could call 'the spiritual side of life' began as a child, so I was set at opposition to the ways of the majority in our society from the earliest age. I suffered through the unknowing telling me I was wrong, telling me I had a "problem".. 60's PC speak for "You're a nutter."

    I still get a lot of it today, and always from people who DO NOT KNOW anything about how any of this stuff works.

    But I don't go telling them they are wrong, or that they are stupid or crazy. I understand that they are where they are in their own evolution and can let them be that without me feeling the need to Correct them.. as if my thoughts could possibly be always perfectly correct anyway. Pffft!.

    That's another thing I don't understand on the internet.. a person gives an opinion and a few people immediately tell them they are wrong and then forcefully want to make you change you opinion to reflect their's.

    I've done it myself, and felt poorly for it after. Just as I do when letting myself fall into the trap of Arguing on the Internet. What an 'effin waste of time and resources.

    I wonder then why anyone Feels that NEED so strongly that they have to Correct anyone on the internet in any general discussion. Is it simply a case of.... "Come to Bed." .. "I can't. Someone on the internet is wrong!"

    Now for some examples...

    I see things, like 'ghosts'. I know they are real, I communicate with them in order to help them move on, I get paid by homeowners and some businesses at times to clear out the place when the non-physical's actions are demanding they be moved on.

    Yet most people think ghosts are a load of crap and these people can't even open their mind up a tiny bit to so much as think it a Possibility. Nope, they shut down the mind around their BELIEF.. it's crap.

    Let me explain this... I do not Believe I see them.. I do see them, and I do hear them communicating with me. I hold no Beliefs about anything, I just work from my experiences.

    Another example...

    I get "shown things". Over my life so far most of what I have "seen" has come about in the physical world reality.. so I cannot doubt what I "see".

    It can be a forewarning of danger for others.. and I always speak up about it as a means to alter the course of those involved as a way to circumvent the probability from happening.

    Oh.. what I see is only ever Possibility or Probability, and there is good reason for this. Nothing is set in stone, nothing is Fated, our Free Will is not wholly free and has limitations to it.

    Sometimes I "see" things playing out in real time in other parts of the world. Those scare and upset me to tears usually as they mostly show horrific events that I don't really want to "see" anyway.

    Over the years I learned I could choose to "see" or not.. it was up to me. I could ignore the pressure and focus my mind on something else until the pressure released.

    This pressure is a weird feeling on the forehead.. almost as if it is trying to suck itself into the brain. The strength of the tension tells me how important the "seeing" or communication is... and then I make my decision to look or not.

    I suppose the reason for this post is to be very open here, to drop my guard completely and hopefully be accepted for myself and not ignored for the dumb behaviour I displayed here when I first began.

    I would like for everyone to experience and know the things I have experienced and learned to Know through. I share the easy methods that helped me many years ago to directly experience bigger picture reality.. and I do so for Free because I am in this to help and not to gain in Lifestyle.

    An ancient Druid maxim states, "Truth Against the World."

    It is the single most perfect statement I have ever found about what I have learned is the case with not only bigger picture reality but in how we humans perceive and act in this limited physical reality.

    Basically the statement is saying that All Beliefs, all concepts created by humans, are limited in their ability to illustrate any greater truth of reality and that those truths are naturally going against the grain of the ways of mankind.

    So that's my waffling rant. I just want people to understand that there really is much more to reality than what our culture has allowed us to Believe about it all.

    If we don't truly know a thing by having the experience of it, then we have no point of reference to comment on it. And thus no real grounds to call it a load of crap... coz you simply do not Know for sure.

  2. You have confirmed my initial assessment of your wackiness. I'm quite happy for you to continue in your wacky state with no need to persuade you that you are very wacky indeed, so carry on.

    Post more about your return to riding experiences, that much I can relate to.
  3. Pish posh, everyone on here has said silly things at some stage. Though I haven't read all of your posts. I have had no problem with things you've said and I've found some posts really interesting. Some a little eccentric, but that's part of the reason I come here.

    The thing is most of us enjoy reading something we disagree with. So if you think you have gotten off to a bad start just write smarter posts. People are more likely to read your posts if they have read something they have disagreed with before because if everyone agreed here it would be a really boring place.

    Keep posting and enjoying yourself, people will take the posts for what they are and few will hold anything against you far past posts.

    There are plenty of people here who I've thought are blithering idiots and then they come out with something smart and I love more than anything given them a nod or furthering their discussion.
  4. We are all just monkeys in shoes.....
  5. It's an internet discussion forum

    it's not a court of law

    it's not the Oxford Debating Society

    it's not a scholarly meeting of minds where everything said has to be proven

    Post what you like; if it doesn't contravene the Ts&Cs it's fine with me, and I disagree with 90% of what you just said :LOL:
  6. Most people alive today exist in a dream, an illusion. The popular mindset discourages (to put it mildly) the seeking of a reality beyond what we physically see and feel. Not only discourages, but to the extent of ridicule. As a long time student of the Mystery Traditions of Pre-Christian Europe, I have come to accept that people are exactly where they are meant to be, for those who are ready, they will be called to these spiritual paths, for others, it is their right to choose to believe what they will. Its all ok.!!
  7. oo oo oo oo oo who you calling a monkey?
  8. Thanks folks.

    Hornet got me giggling too.. I like that man's attitude.
  9. You are that bird, and we shall never know that of which you speak.
  10. I was going to post something existential and insightful, but it's a sunny day and I'm going for a ride to Lyndoch in the Barossa for a pie at the delightful bakery up there. Bye!
  11. I guess everyone experiences things thrrought their own head, and their own experiences shape their understanding of the world.


    I get concerned when people accept these type of experiences (and the experiences of others), such as ghosts, voices, precognition etc. without any critical thinking about them. These type of experiences everyone can enjoy with the right chemical concoction and stimulus. Sometimes the chemicals are not even needed. Scientists in the UK have set up a "haunted house" using very low frequency sounds, air currents and lighting. Most people who have experienced it swear it is haunted until shown each of the devices, and then shown it again.

    If it is possible to induce the sensations of voices, ghosts etc using, for example, LSD, then what does this mean for those who see them without the drugs? Is LSD "expanding the mind" of the user, or are those that see ghosts simplying having the same neural experience as the drug user due to the particular chemical balances in their mind.

    If drugs can be used to remove the voices that schizophrenics hear in their minds, then does this devalue the voices that others hear?

    Our mind is really nothing more than an enormously linked set of cells, that follow chemical and electrical rules to process information. The wiring is variable. Some people have synesthesia, their senses are slightly mixed. This means that sounds may induce a taste, or numbers may have inherent colour, or tastes may induce certain touch sensations. This can be traced to the wiring of the brain and how the brain circuits process the incoming information.

    The magic of this is that we are conscious. We feel, think, love, enjoy life, and can argue about existentialism

    Oldie, I read your OP, and I understand that you are expressing your views. My views are obviously different. I will not try to "convert you" to my views. I will not be converted to yours. But do not be suprised if I rebut your points with scientific knowledge where possible. We are no longer in the dark ages. We no longer need to accept that mysterious agents change the world around us. The world has moved on for many people from ghosts, voices and future tellers.
  12. William Blake?
  13. Interesting read, Oldie.

    Whether or not I (we) agree isn't important. Be happy :)

    For what it's worth, I think being a buit crazy is damn near a pre-req for happiness.

    One oppinion or belief doesn't make a person. We're much too complicated for that.
  14. Bingo! :)
  15. Thanks Ogden. Where is the quoted verse from? I was enjoying slowly reading through it and found myself wanting to read more. (Already answered.. thanks)

    Thank you. I do understand your position and perceptions. Especially the concept..

    I don't believe in mysteries and the supernatural either. I don't BELIEVE IN anything, and try hard not to build Beliefs about my experiences so that my current understandings can remain malleable to change when new experiences require it.

    To me all knowledge exists all around us and within us all the time, only we have not found the means to perceive much of it. And I also think we forgot as much about ourselves as we gained from our technical and material pursuits.

    The mind to me is only a tool.. a neck-top Bio-computer that operates the systems needed to motivate the body around in and have contact patches (senses) with the physical. But I am the System User, not the sum of the system's parts.

    I've read many articles on the brain's chemistry and how it is thought to create many experiences, etc. But in each of them an outside source is introduced to create the outcomes observed.. chemical and electrical.

    So I often wonder why some people have these types of life experiences of the physical and non-physical worlds without there being an introduced source to create them.

    The current concepts about what the brain does cannot hope to cover precognition, Seeing what is to come and then observing it when it reaches the physical world.

    I am well aware though that our thoughts create our emotions, and that when in 'meditation-journey' it is essential for the observer to maintain vigilance on their thoughts so as not to create experience that is faulty. This to me is the number one thing required as an observer/experiencer of the non-physical reality.

    Another thing I found over these many years is that Feel.. not emotional feel.. is an important tool to learn to use effectively. The reason being is that all 'beings' dead or alive and in the flesh have a signature FEEL to them.

    We know this from every time we meet someone new. We get a gut Feel about the person that has nothing to do with our mental concepts or Beliefs about reality and yet we find that this initial gut Feel was always correct.

    And with training we can easily know when blindfolded who is present around us simply by the recognition of that Feel. The Feel is akin to some martial arts where you learn to Feel the flow of energy in order to know the next move of an opponent.

    This Feel provides all information necessary about a 'being', and I rely on it a lot now that I finally know how it works for me.

    oops.. waffling on again
  16. There are professionals that can help you.


    Maybe that or lay of the LSD.
  17. Thank you for perfectly illustrating my main point of frustration.

    Back in the mid 90's I got fed up with people telling me I was crazy because of what I said.. so I went to see a shrink over a period of three months and got a clean bill of health. I told him everything... so my mind is at ease about it all.

    Also, Psychiatry and psychology really aren't sciences in the strictest sense (?) and I disagree with much of it from my own time at Uni studying Psychology. I had a theory at the time that live healthy food would have a positive impact on mental health, and was told then I was wrong.. only to find 15 or so years later that studies showed I was correct.

    I think Psychiatry and Psychology are pseudo-sciences and go out of their way to create ever more illnesses in order to support Big Pharma that provides nice kickbacks.

    Anyway.. the sun is still out and the bike wants me to go for a ride.. how can I say No?
  18. We are all individuals

  19. I was going to make a long post.....but I figure its a waste of time and you can just read my mind quicker
  20. Yeah, another nut-case visionary... but a very talented one.