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More than one bike insurance

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by blackjackx, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals,

    I tried searching for a post on this topic but didnt really see what I was looking for so I'll put the question to you all.

    Now I'm just curious as to how many of you guys have more than one bike that is fully covered, and also wondering if you have to pay the full amount for each bike or is there a discount etc like with cars?

    I read about this on another forum but it was American and we all know that is a weird place :p

  2. I insure my rides with shannons and yes there is a discount for having multiple bikes, i couldn't imagine going with an insurance company that did not have a multi bike discount policy.
  3. I use an insurance broker for my insurance needs, they always get me a cheaper and better deal.
    It costs a few bob in fees which y pay to them upfront , but y get a better package overall.
    Plus its a personal relationship because you get appointed an insurance manager , that's peace of mind. As opposed to a call centre que.
  4. Ah the dream of owning multiple bikes... /sigh
  5. We have multiple bikes in our family, but because they are not in the same name we miss out on a discount, Alot of places that I rang stated that it doesn't matter how many vechiles you have. Like NRMA, all our vechiles where with them, 4 motor vehicles, and we still didn't get a discount. :mad:
  6. Currently 6 in the garage atm. One is a write off, One has a dead engine (Piston grabbed on rings, Easy rebuild), two are daily commuters and the others are backup/fun.
    Total is 3 scooters (2 dead, 1 commuter), 3 bikes (1 trail, one commuter, one backup)
    Due to the nature of them, not all are insured. 2 are in my name, 3 are in another. The write off was, but isn't anymore(T-boned, insurance paid out in full - RACV).