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More than a Sunday ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by gearless, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. I just got an email regarding my absence from the forum! I am not an active member but considering the email I thought I would share my story! Travelling 2up on a CB500x with my wife we flew our bike to Kuala Lumpur, we are now in Helsinki after riding through Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Nepal, Pakistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Finland. So far we have travelled 19000km in heat, snow and rain, on good roads and bad roads. If you would like to follow us you will find us at www.rtw2up.com.
    20160416_082047. 20160308_091407.

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  2. Awesome!

    An adventure of a lifetime. I'm ever so slightly jealous.

    Some good info on your blog page. Will spend some time reading through in detail.

    Thx for sharing
  3. I love road trips...especially EPIC ones.

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  4. So, just another quick spin through the hills, then...
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  5. hi gearlessgearless, thanks for the post, I too will be reviewing your blog with interest and envy. please be sure to report back on the different coffee venues you encounter on your travels.

    be safe.
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  6. Great blog, very inspiring. Love hearing about these adventures.​
  7. What a fantastic blog gearlessgearless ! Needs more photos though! ;) If that's not an epic adventure I don't know what is! I'm glad you got sent an email reminder to prompt you sharing your amazing story.
  8. You win the internet! Awesome
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  9. Great trip! Hoping for more photos too.

    Might be worth mentioning here for any Netriders planning a similar ride that Thailand has now decreed that all foreign registered bikes temporarily entering the kingdom MUST depart via same border crossing.

    More recently they have said that this requirement "may" be waived in "exceptional" circumstance, but this remains unclear.
  10. Depends how fat your wallet is I spose
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  11. Just reading your blog now, brilliant.
  12. That really is something, very impressive.How's the CB holding up?
  13. Thats the first I have heard of this, I have been taking my Cambodian registered scooter in to Thailand for years, out one crossing back in another!

    The CB has not missed a beat, but for a trip like this I would recommend something with a bigger front wheel, and a bit more grunt at low revs!
  14. It's been a lot of years now since I travelled up the KKH and the Kunjerab (not by MC unfortunately) - good to see it again, and I'm glad to hear that it remains relatively safe in these troubled times. Awesome and beautiful area. I'm a bit depressed about what's happening China-side though.
    Thanks for bringing back some memories, Gearless.
  15. Yes, yet another bit of strange decision making. Hopefully it will be reversed soon.

    I will be back in Thailand tomorrow and will post any updated info.
  16. Muang Thai, bport hua jung loei! My phonetics for "Thailand, what a headache. :rolleyes:
    Just read through all your prep posts up to Malaysia.
    Look forward to reading the rest.
    Thanks for posting.
  17. Wow... I am going straight to the blog right now... Having visited many of the places you mention (but not by MC) I look forward to the stories. And just as an added bonus I'm keen to hear how the X is going. I love mine!
  18. Hello, are you able to enlighten about the China bit as one day i would like to ride the China section.
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