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More than 1/4 of drivers admit to falling asleep

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Taken from here

  2. I will admit i have had a micro sleep. couple years ago.. very scary tired driving suzuki swift (car) home from anna bay in newcastle just like that a jolted up and barely missed one of those two legged signs of how far to the next town etc.. and then barely got it back on the road straight.... very scary... just like if you'd blinked.. yet more time has passed then you think... when I got home the front leftside of non coloured plastic bumper was scratched up.. very lucky that day didnt to more damage

  3. I've done it a couple of times.

    I have bouts of insomnia at times, and I am forced to go to work regardless.
  4. neva done it on a bike... but in my cage I'd done it a few times [-X
    found that I'd pull over & try to get a power nap only to spend 1-2hrs tyring to get that 15mins of sleep & would end up giving up and finishing the trip with all the windows down and music up :cry:

    neva felt close to falling asleep on my bike...
  5. yeah and the other 3/4 are lying...
  6. haha... scary coz that's probly true :shock:
  7. Agree with you there - Only done it the once myself (In a Rental Truck!) but one second I was driving, then I blinked (It felt like a blink, anyway), then I was on the other side of the road!

    Scared the absolute $#!T outta me!
  8. I personally have never done it but my good mate has, TWICE!!!

    The first time he veered off the side of the road onto gravel. This woke him suddenly and he reacted by violently swinging the wheel to the left and when the front tyres gripped the road the back end swung around and slammed into the Steel barrier. He got out of that unscathed but extremely shaken up.

    The second time he fell asleep coming back from his GF place at 2:30am and it was on a relatively twisty road near Kiama. He veered off the road when it swung around to the left and he was asleep so he just carried on straight ahead. He went off the road, down and embankment and put his Celica (only just bought 1 month ago with a $9000 loan and no Comp Insurance) head on into a tree, writing it off. Likely he escaped without any injury apart from some mild whip lash.

    He has now got his act together and will not drive anywhere if he feels mildly tired.
  9. Its hard to quantify but I think I may have a couple of times on way to launceston but because I was alone and driving in fog it was hard to dicern. 2002, August at 4:30 in the morning is no time to be doing Hway speeds but as I passed oatlands I went through a couple of perions of being extreemly dazed confused. Forgot what I was doing and or which direction i was going north or south... Freaked out of my mind I pulled over at cambel town and slept for 1/2hr maybe more.

    I've never been able to sleep in a acar before but that morning i would have died if I didn't sleep. So many people try and push through tough it out... the only thing that pushes through is the steering wheel through their heads...
  10. Hubby falls asleep easy. Not whilst driving, but whilst sitting int he drivers seat at the traffic lights.
    he stops, closes his eyes and falls asleep, not till someone beeps him does he wake up.
    It's funny in a scary way.

    He has also fallen asleep whilst on the bike at stopped lights.
    He didn't realise he was asleep till the bike started to slip away from him.
    Lucky for him he caught it, no damage.

    Only falls asleep when stopped, and doesnt recall being tired whilst driving.
    The reason i know drive instead of him, if it can be helped.
  11. I have been in a car where the driver ( Dad) had fallen asleep and we hit a tree, on the Calder hwy near Ouyen. I woke up just in time to see that we were on the wrong side of the road. Lucky it was a Morris 1100, they used to call them "the land crab" cause they were hard to roll. Thank God. Down a 30 foot embankment. I have slept on the back of bikes before on long distance trips, and had a friend who used to regularly nod off on a long ride. I had a microsleep on the girls ride to Batemans bay the other month. Leaning on the tankbag and the ZXR was humming along nicely , 4 hours of sleep the night before , 500 ? kms under my belt, and just outside Holbrook I nodded off. Waved Shona over and demanded she hand over the naked, single cylinder Sachs 650. That did the trick! O:)
  12. I've actually witnessed a head-on collision caused by a 4wd driver falling asleep and veering into the path of an oncoming Commodore - surprisingly even though both cars were totalled the drivers were relatively okay. Would have been a very different story had they hit a bike though (or even a smaller car).
  13. I often think how lucky we were, We had passed lots of oncoming traffic that day too. I was asleep and Dads SNORING woke me up!!
  14. Sen Nay does he suffer from sleep Apnoea? My dad used to do this fall asleep if static for a period of time.

    Once he was diagnosed he took some remedial action in his case oxygen at night and then lost some weight it then stopped happening. Mum loved it as he stopped snoring as well!!! :grin:
  15. Unfortunately Ive done it. Went for 6mnths in EXTREME insomnia. I go through bad bouts ratrely sleep well. was sleeping 1hr and a half each night and went to take of in a cage to a course I was on, unemployed at the time as I was. I turned a corner, balckedout for a second and woke up whammm into a parked trailor. Luckily i didnt get injured, no body else in the car and the trailer was relatively untouched.

    I still have major insomnia bouts of less then 3 hr a night as a average for the last 6 weeks plus. Not good but I never feel tired or fall asleep on the bike. As soon as I climb on it I am awake.
  16. Driven extremely tired once, didn't fall asleep but I could have. Never again.

    Never ridden that tired on the bike, although a riding a few hundred kms of <10 deg c weather can make you feel like hibernating.