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More shitful reporting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smee, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. This guy is no motorcyclist, he is a dealer riding an unregistered offroad bike, the other headline was "biker arrested on drugs"


  2. In related news, a motorist was arrested and charged with embezzling funds from....
  3. Riding without a helmet, carrying drugs, this guy is no rocket scientist
  4. Meh.

  5. We wont be seeing him for a while. Honestly, you would think that someone with any real involvement in drug movement would be keeping their head down.
  6. I can understand smee's point, despite other comment. There is nothing about his illegal activities that has any link to him riding a bike, other than the fact the was caught on one. It might have been his mate's. He might have been using it while his car was in for servicing (criminals get their cars serviced too, and have mates who are not criminals, you know). The report SEEMS to be trying to make the link between riding and criminality. What if he had been driivng a ten-year old BMW; would the reporter then have mentioned his mode of transport? I doubt it.
  7. The fact he was squiding & on a unregistered trail bike made him stand out so if he was in a 10yo BMW car he wouldn't have been so obvious.

    Smee can you edit the text in your post so it's readible and not spread out all over the place.
  8. can't we put this stuff into a quote so its readable without having to scroll?
  9. It was in the Feral Scum, what do you expect?
  10. He'd just be a bottom of the ladder drug runner for the big boys... Dumb as hell and the higher ups wouldnt give a stuff if he got caught, apart from losing a bit of cash..

    If he had any "real" responsibilty he wouldnt be out on the bike with the drugs.
  11. If he had half a brain he wouldn't make himself conspicuous by riding without a helmet.
  12. Im not too sure. Sounds like he's got the art of mixing volatile chemicals down to a fine art.
  13. Why was he searched?
    Was he in an area that was deemed a "hot spot" or do police decide that because you look like xx or yy or even zz you are search worthy?
  14. Another example of media 'bikeism'.

    Sure the guy was an idiot, but they wouldn't say a 'Asian man' or an 'Aboriginal man' unless it was relevant to the crime.

    But they are happy to say a 'Motorcyclist', slowly demonising us more and more.