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More Scooterist to join Mystery Ride ---

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by wings9000, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. hi all

    i was d only scooterist, L plate, and got my skoot last fri, and it was 3rd time riding d skoot, first time riding further than caulfield!!!

    it was awesome.. got to practice corners and still nid more practice..
    i encourage all of you to join me next thurs for the mystery ride!!

    the people there are all frenly and helpful... and patiente most importantly..and safety comes first..

    c ya all next week!!

  2. Sounds like d plan :p
    Glad You enjoyed it
    Pity i dont have a scooter :wink:
  3. hey... now i wish i had an MC to strut like miss DJ
  4. One day i may come to the mystery ride and bring the scoot.. :grin:
  5. If you do paul, I'll get hold of one and join you :wink: :grin:
  6. Good idea, lets make it a fundraiser :)
  7. Ok its a deal.. We will organise one night when you are able to.. :grin:
  8. Brilliant idea!

    I should be back riding within the month (fingers crossed!) Let me know when you're at a coffee night next and Clairebear & I will try and get down to catch up with you :)
  9. ....and exactly who's scooter are you planning on getting hold of?????? :?

  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    That's funny.
  11. Scooters in the mystery ride...cool.

    Mods & Rockers re-visited.

    (unfortunately, I'm old enough to remember them). :cry:
  12. I'd love to turn up on my little scoot but it only goes about 95km/h
    Should I wear additional body armour for the sacrilegious stoning and earmuffs for the mockery ?
  13. They wouldnt DARE mock a scooter rider :shock: :shock:
  14. yes we would.
    we mock everyone equally :p
  15. As soon as I can get a scooter, I'm gunna ride it on the MR.

    I'm looking for a 100cc Yamaha Aerox or Derbi Atlantis 100.
  16. yeh, when you do, can you let me on the secret, about how you get out of trouble when on one of those things? Would really like to know.
  17. I have difficulty getting out of trouble on a big bike! lol
  18. thought so.
  19. :twisted: :evil: :wink: