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More Rossi whining?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Sep 4, 2007.

  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/motorsport/motorbikes/6975152.stm

    Glum Rossi concedes MotoGP title

    Valentino Rossi (left) has conceded the title to Casey Stoner (right)
    Rossi (left) admits Stoner (right) is a worthy champion

    Valentino Rossi says he has given up any hope of winning the MotoGP title and that his Yamaha team must improve.

    Casey Stoner all but clinched the title by winning in San Marino, where the top three were all on Bridgestones, rather than the Michelin tyres used by Yamaha.

    "Yamaha must change something," Rossi told Gazzetto dello Sport. "I prefer to do something else than race if I have to race like this.

    "I don't think anyone likes the tyre situation. There's no battle any more."

    The Misano track where the race took place is close to Rossi's home town of Tavullia, and his fans turned out in force in the hope of seeing him close the gap on runaway championship leader Stoner.

    But Rossi's engine failed on the fifth lap and he was forced to limp back to the pits, as Stoner led from start to finish to open up an 85-point gap in the standings.

    Victory in the next race in Portugal on 16 September will see the 21-year-old Australian crowned MotoGP champion in only his second season in the competition.

    But Rossi has clearly already given up any hope of winning the title.

    "Ducati and Stoner deserve to win this world championship and I take my hat off to them," he said.


    Here's my take:

    "I don't think anyone likes the tyre situation. There's no battle any more."

    Ok, I defended Rossi in the past with his comments on tyres, but now it seems that it's getting a bit silly.

    1) Bridgestone is 1st (Stoner), but Michelin are 2nd & 3rd (Rossi, Pedrosa)
    2) For years Michelin dominated the tyre wars - it was all good for Rossi when he was winning on Michelines

    Then there's this pearler:

    "I prefer to do something else than race if I have to race like this."

    Talk about spitting the dummy. The guy has benefitted from the best tyres and the best machinery for years and years, winning 5 MotoGP titles, and is the 2nd highest paid sports-person in the world (outside of the USA), and he's complaining loud and long that he's coming second, of all things. Ask every single other rider on the grid if they would rather be in Rossi's position and with his salary, team, tyres, and equipment, and I reckon most would leap at the opportunity, but no, this isn't good enough for Pasta boy because he's not winning and it's become pretty evident that he won't win the championship this year, and now he's spitting the dummy about it.

    It's the first year of a new set of rules and bikes, but it seems that our Rossi is just too good to accept that he can't always win every championship.
  2. Precisely.

    However, give him good tyres and a good bike and he'll win again, I think there's a lot of life left in the dog yet. Assuming, of course, if he WANTS to continue in bikes. He could go rallying, Champ-Car, or any other number of motorsports endeavours, and what's the bet somewhere down the track he doesn't end up doing the Paris Dakar???
  3. Whats the bet he goes over to Ducati. :inquisition: They did court him once...
  4. I think he's saying it's bad for racing that there's no fight going on for the front places, and I agree with him. Whenever he's been beaten in a tough fight, he's come out very happy, congratulated whoever got him and said "this was a great race for the audience."

    He feels he hasn't been able to give people a show this year, and it's hard to argue otherwise. Whenever he's had a sniff of a chance he's ridden his butt off and made for some exceptional racing, dicing with Stoner in the bends and losing positions again on the straights.

    Now, he's losing so much ground even off the line that he can't do that. Give the guy a break, he's conceded Stoner's won it fair and square and is a worthy champion, he's just sad that the season has got so boring for you and I.
  5. +1 Loz

    I like Valentino... there, I've said it.

    And you can quote me in Stump's 'odd posts' thread, too :p
  6. I remember thinking how stoner "had it easy" at the start with the long straight advantage and then about race 6 or 7 I think (MAYBE 5) he held his own in cornering as well. :-k Then again, the drugs could be making the memory cloudy and wrong hehe :oops:

    I think with the racing getting boring, I do love the battles in Moto GP but miss the sliding etc that traction control and other electronics have played part in racing (Moto GP). Having more rider have part in the actual "riding" to me is a lot more fun than seeing "perfect lap times" due to having perfect tyre control due to electronics
  7. Loz, what is different now, compared to 2001-2005, when Rossi was winning everything by miles? Was he saying it was bad for the sport then?
  8. Buggering off was never Rossi's style. He'd stalk and pounce. You knew it was coming but it was always great to watch him trouser Biaggi, Gibber or Capirossi when the chips were down.
  9. +1 stew, i completely agree it's no different to when rossi won everything....it was a oh lets see who got the other spots on the podium :LOL: :wink:
  10. From someone with not much knowledge about racing - and i'm prepared to be shot down in flames, but as far as I remember when rossi signed to Yamaha, were they not expected to take quite some time to produce a bike that could compete with the honda that had been dominating...???

    Rossi had wanted to prove that the rider made a difference to the race - not just having the best bike (the honda) and everyone thought he was an idiot to change - yet he went on and proved them wrong by winning on the yamaha...

    I know that he had been offered the chance to go for Ducati when he left honda - but their philosophy was similar to Honda in that the bike was more important than the rider... which was the challenge he wanted to take on..

    I'm not saying that Stoner isnt great - coz he's proved that his technique along with the bike is a winning formula for this year... but someone going out ahead and staying there is much less fun to watch than a race where the lead changes several times and you're on the edge of your seat until the final flag...

    I agree with Loz, Rossi has said Stoner has won it fair and square and is a worthy champion - but at the end of the day, i know i dont want to watch a race which turns like the F1 did when Schumacher was dominating everything going... which I think is the point that Rossi is making, he wants to compete and race in the GP and be more of a challenge to Stoner - and therefore Yamaha needs to step up to make next years race more interesting again...
  11. imo alot of this could be fixed by removing the rider aided parts from the bikes.....if the riders can't ride them because they are to uncontrollable then they need reduce the bike size until they get them back to a rider controlled race etc....
  12. With Both Tire manufacturers Represented in the top three places (Michelin twice) and with races having 4 of the 5 manufacturers represented in the top 5 places. I have to say that the statistics suggest that it is not about any one doing anything wrong. But that Duc and Stoner have done something right. Now from what I gather Yamaha tried there new motor this race, and it dropped it’s guts. This would indicate that they have already written off this season and are starting to research for next year. (bugger for us watching this years stuff but might pay dividends for next year) Personally I think Rossi is becoming a bit of a winging Biatch. But then again I have never really liked him much any way. (Think he’s a great rider but he is a show boating tosser)

    Let’s hope some others do it right just like Duc and stoner for next year
  13. I'm with you there Stewy - the trouble is, GP is a high-tech development class, which gives a mandate towards developing all that rider aid shit like traction, wheelspin and wheelie control, which makes the bikes easier to ride and faster on the circuit, but much less fun to watch than the bucking, twitching, rearing 500GP bikes or older superbikes.

    It's all clever technology that will slowly filter down into roadbikes that are faster and safer in the twisties (meaning we'll still crash 'em but at higher speeds :twisted:).

    Perhaps we've seen the golden age of the 500s and 990s, where the rider was 80% and the bike 20%, and we're now coming into a more F1-style competition where it's 50/50 or tilted the other way. Rossi's been saying for years (since the 500s were replaced) that as the bikes get more and more techy, the racing is less and less fun for him because there's less for him to manage and his skills count for less. This, friends, is the way of F1, and we can't expect MotoGP's owners to make rule changes that move the sport in the other direction, because they own F1 too.
  14. Stoner is just too good for Rossi. Hope he can beat his records one day.

    If Stoner wasn't there Rossi would be leading the championship.
  15. Not arguing any of that, Loz, but sometimes champions start to believe too much of their own publicity, and take on a 'divine right of kings' sort of mind-set, and Rossi is in danger of this.

    It was at its worst with Senna, who truly believed that it was his right alone to win races and was prepared to endanger the lives of all around him in defence of 'his' race.

    I'd like to see the old Rossi, climbing fences and wearing Superman capes, even when he didn't win. He's rich beyond counting, and if the business of racing has become too arduous without winning all the time, perhaps it's time for him to quit and do something else to bring the smile back to his face?
  16. +1 to Loz

    I went to bed on Sunday when it looked like CV was not going to catch Stoner. That's the first time in 6yrs that I've gone to bed early.

    Stew, whilst I agree with an element of the sour grapes, he ha ALWAYS been the first to congratulate riders (except Gibbers!) if they've beaten him in a race.

    The Bridgestones are clearly the superior tyre. The only reason why Michelin are 2nd and 3rd is because it's taken a while for the Suzuki's to gather pace. One more DNF for Dani and CV and Hopper dice for 3rd on the ladder. It's not Bridgestone's fault for making the best tyre and Michelin have conceded this. They've recommitted to solving their problems and are currently hiring new staff for next year.

    As for racing, is anyone saying that the last 4 races have been interesting? Bike racing is a spectator sport, if it doesn't excite the punters the crowds will not turn up. Even at Misano there were only 56,000, which in bike mad Italy is low. Dorna's dilemna is that they are seduced by the glitz, glamour and money of F1. They don't care for the spectacle, they want to make money. In F1 this doesn't matter as there are millions of people who drive cars and relate to the sport (even if it is boring as shite). Bike racing will always be harder to sell. And if it's just watching people ride around in circles, then harder still.

    Gracious? Anyone remember Doohan being gracious in defeat? How can "Ducati and Stoner deserve to win this world championship and I take my hat off to them," be anything other than gracious.

    All he is doing is laying his cards on the table for Yamaha. Give me the bike, give me the tools and I will race. Slacken off and I will leave. He is a World Champion (7 times over) and obviously wants to leave the sport on a high. Yamaha have told him that Jorge will be his teammate next year and he wants to ensure that next years bike is going to be competitive.

    I really don't see the problem with anything he's said.
  17. Not to mention - what was Stoner's attitude when he was constantly second to Pedrosa in 250s? I don't remember hearing any "hats off, the guy's a deserving champion" outta him.
  18. last night was the first time i went to bed before the end of the race also. As soon as Rossi was out i watched a little more, in hope that hopper would catch Stoner, then i gave up and went to bed. Stoner can ride, but, he is not as exciting to watch as Rossi.
    Bring back the 990cc machines i say. And give rossi a competative bike and watch him carve up Stoner. Rossi on a equal competative bike as Stoner will win, period.
    I am happy for Stoner being where he is. When he was on the 250's i would always tell people that he would be very competative on a good machine. However, Rossi is even more competative on a good machine, and at the momment his machine is crap, it's just not his year.
    This year its stoners year, next year is a new season and i hope its more competative and not just a ducati on bridgstones wining races.
    Just my opinion.
  19. I can totally understand Rossi wanting to be able to at least make a competition of it. There's a big difference between being beaten and not being able to compete. Rossi, this year, has not been able to compete in many races due to equipment issues, had he finished in the same place all through the season but was beaten because the other rider/bike combinations were just better than him, he would be much happier I suspect.
  20. I dont know how people are reading this to be whinging?? I think there's people out there who just plain dont like the bloke and interpret this as having a whine. He's clearly not, how many 7 time world champions congratulate someone before the end of the season! I dont think Schumacher did for Alonso!

    It's pretty obvious that the Yahama is an inferior bike this year, coupled with the Michelins which are slightly off-par. It would be difficult for anyone in his position as a proven champion to be losing due to inferior equipment and not through their own actions, yet to his credit he is still gracious in defeat.