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More Repairs - Another Roo Strike

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Highett, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. On the Urbenville combined IBA & FarRide in November between St George and Surat, about 12.30am
    Point of initial impact - right side front wheel, body pushed the fairing back.
    Front fender is toast, plastic back to the battery is cracked with broken tabs
    At least it was a small hoppy this time.
    Did not come off, Was not injured, Completed the ride
    Bike is in the shop - Repair $6,400

  2. Ouch, that's a bad repair bill. Congrats on completing the ride. (y)
  3. Anyone who hits a roo on a bike and doesn't go down is one heck of a rider buddy. Glad your ok
  4. And you're alive to tell us? That is something on its own!
  5. Far out mate , your insurance company must love you ! Glad you weren't hurt and the bike not too badly damaged .
  6. Update,

    I picked my GTR up from Newcastle Kawasaki yesterday (Sat 18/1/14), the repairs from my latest Roo Strike completed with the usual high quality, very happy with the work.

    I bought a MC Cruise (Electronic Cruise Control) 6 months ago, between work and other things I just never got around to fitting it myself as I had originally planned, it just sat in my office in the box that it was delivered in so I figured while the GTR was in the shop and had all the plastic off I would bite the bullet and get Kawasaki Newcastle to fit it, MC Cruise gave out standing customer service as usual as the Mechanic did call them to verify a couple of things during the install.

    Tried out the cruise control while riding home, works as expected, In hind sight this should have been my first farkle.....