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More rains

Discussion in 'NSW' started by lui, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. tell me about it; I got rained on twice within 100kms of home yesterday :evil:.
  2. I got pissed on a couple of times yesterday as well... At least I got some wet weather riding practise :)
    Gotta take the plus points I suppose
  3. im on holidays and not a happy chappy....should be nice clear and dry.
  4. foook the rain
  5. 100kms all rain yesterday. tiring
  6. On Easter Sunday, around 7-8mm bucketed down in 20 minutes when I was south of Nowra. Could barely see a thing. Still, it was an opportunity for my new gloves to prove their mettle, and they did [Rev'it! GT H2O].
  7. rain? where?oh NSW hahaha
  8. Got smashed on the way to Parramatta early this morning - couldn't even see the deck on the M4!
    It's all good; just part of riding I reckon...
  9. Got hit yesterday pretty bad, luckily I brought a spare pair of socks & undies, went through my waternotsoproof pants, and boots whilst my jacket did the job well.
  10. Pretty annoying when you have no wet weather gear, apparently it's meant to rain for the next few weeks : /
  11. buy some wet weather gear :D

    i'm onto my last or second last week for working 1 hour away from home, so i'm really excited! hoping there's not too much rain in the next two weeks!!