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More proof of the crappiness of our legal system!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hippo, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,24668241-1243,00.html

    She lied to someone, scammed money out of them and then tried to blackmail them for more and got nothing more than a wholly suspended sentence!

    I thought of this when I was reading about the guy who has gotten a minimm of 4 or 5 months for speeding. This is just so inconsistent it makes my head hurt.

    Also, it looks like her new boobies now drag down to her elbows.. I hope she didn't pay too much for them.

    But hey. I guess if you have a kid to take care of you should be let off, right? :roll: And of course she's emotionally fragile right now - she's just been busted!
  2. "Judge Barbara Cotterell said Carlin, who suffered depression and anxiety, had realised the gravity of her offences."

    You see, if 170-in-a-50-zone guy had claimed depression and anxiety for being a d1ck, and claimed to have realised the gravity of his offence, he might have had his sentence wholly suspended too.

  3. Or if he was a chick with a big rack and wore a singlet, he may have got better consideration!
  4. Funny, Always hearing about equal oppertunity regarding the sex's....

    Yet when it comes to the law, wether the mother is a child murder or absent minded they always get off lightly.... I don't understand it..
  5. Got a call from a good mate this morning. He asked me if I'd seen the news regarding this story as it turns out that THIS IS HIS EX WIFE!! :shock:

    He'd always said she was a biatch who 'never had any money for their daughter' yet she was able to go out partying at the drop of a hat. My GF actually looked over their divorce papers for him a couple of years back!

    Now here's the really interesting part. My friend (lets call him Bob :LOL:) has been having major hassles trying to get visitation to his daughter for years. He wanted to avoid doing the whole custody thing in court so as to not upset the applecart too much with little girl - "after all, she is still her mother" was the common saying from him. Currently he has been getting every 2nd weekend with her and has been trying to get more (one week on, one week off) but the biatch ex-wife has been saying no.

    I guess we now know why.

    Thing is, Bob knew nothing about this court case until he read last Tuesday's paper :shock: . He says if he had, he'd have testified against her character and tried to send her to gaol.

    Bummer. Small world though innit?

  6. It does not cost $18k to put an insulin pump in...and there is NO operation required.

    Hey Doug, It sounds like your friend should try to get custody. She should only have the child if she is a good mother and it does not sound like she is.
  7. Yeah, and right there is our legal system fudged up, she has the womb until she's in jail (even if she IS a smack addict) she'll get the rights :roll:
  8. I just found this in the Herald Scum story.

    See this shows what a poor case was actually brought against her. All the prosecution needed to do was a tiny big of research and they'd have found a willing father to look after the 8 yr old girl.

    At least Derryn Hinch knows what's going on. 'Bob' was interviewed by Derryn on 3aw (or whatever station he works for) and DH was gobsmacked to find out the current custody arrangements.