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More Power: 25,480 litres of bang.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cjvfr, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. 102 revs?? That's crazy talk! These rev happy kids and their high rpm engines!
  2. Love those ship engines...
  3. Holy snapping duck shit, now that's a motor!(y)
  4. Would corner like a Harley though ;)
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  5. Would be lighter, though.
  6. I love that it's still instantly recognisable as an engine.. albeit at incredible scale.. with ladders to get down and inspect the bores.. crazy.

    If the horsepower # didn't impress enough, at 102 rpm, that's 5,608,312.16 ft-lbs of torque. wow.
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    And this is what it powers:




    The turning diameter at 24 knots (44 km/h) is 0.81 nmi (1.50 km)
  8. 50% efficiency is ridiculous. I wonder how that compares to the GE90. GE90 fuel consumption is 0.15L/hp/hr which makes me think this engine's efficiency is higher. Getting that figure out of such a low-tech design - a reciprocating piston engine - is truly remarkable. The compression ratio must be staggering. They don't seem to be overly worried about main bearing wear either.
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    Let's see ...
    Assuming this thing runs on the heaviest grade of diesel, 5D
    the SG of 5D diesel fuel is 0.96
    This engine is listed at 0.278 lbs/hp/hr
    0.278lbs is 0.1264Kg
    so 0.1264Kg of 5D would be 0.0166litres

    So this things rates at 0.017L/hp/hr or close to one ninth the fuel consumption of the turbine.

    Does my math look close?


    0.1264Kg of 5D is 0.132L Not sure where I got the previous figure.

    Ok, so that works out to be:

    0.132L/hp/hr at max power
    0.123L/hp/hr at max economy
  10. off by a factor of 10 there. The 0.15L/hp/hr was just results of a google search, no idea how accurate it is.