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More phone shit, Providers

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Hey all;

    Sorry to belt the living piss out of a dead kawa two fidy, but I've decided to take the plunge and get an iPhone.

    My current Nokia 6300 is starting to die, people can't hear me when I make calls, it randomly freezes and the screen goes white and coverage (vodafone) has been shit the entire time I've had it, regardless of where I am (melbourne city or in the hills). I've spent all morning reading the iPhone threads and Hornets coverage thread but just need a little more info.

    - Who are you with
    - Connection Type (3G, normal, whatever)
    - Connection performance (3G speeds)
    - Coverage in remote-ish areas
    - Anything else

    Basically I've chosen the iPhone 3GS handset, jailbreak it, on a plan etc, but just deciding who to go with. I intend to use the internet on it a fairbit (main source for me besides restricted work internet).

    Thanks all

    Oh and if anyone knows about breaking contracts please say, I'm intending to be on this plan for 6 months then breaking it and paying it out. (is it that simple or more to it?)

  2. I have a iPhone 3G, unjailbroken, on the Telstra Next-G network.

    I have had no problems at all on Telstra, call quality is great, speed is great, coverage is great.

    When I was at an accident site a month ago and needed to call emergency services, my phone was the only one that could get a signal consistently.

    Disclaimer: I work for BigPond, so the call costs and plan are covered by the company, and I don't know how much that would cost me if I had to pay for it myself. I suspect it wouldn't be cheap.

    I don't see much point jailbreaking the iPhone, but others find value in it. Me, I like to have a working phone :)
  3. Everyone likes to bag the big "T", but IMHO, from a network perspective, they provide the best overall coverage.
  4. Myself and my dad have had huge troubles dealing with Telstra customer service when he had brought his business and was in the progress of setting it up. I'm aware they totally suck balls at dealing with customers, I'm more interested in the 3G bandwidth performance of each carrier.

    Thanks all
  5. Where do you live and where do you intend to do most of your data work with the phone as you need to ensure the carrier you choose has 3G coverage in those locations.

    Telstra's Next G network is a complete single 3G network while the others default back to their 2G GSM networks once you get away from thier 3G coverage footprint.
  6. Telstra have the best coverage and the best kit, but the worst service, technical ability, and price...
  7. Didn't know this, thanks.

    So this means all the connections with a Telstra service are always 3G or do they still divert back to older networks if you leave the built up areas?

    Also above you spoke of "their 3G footprint" referring to other networks, still trying to get my head around this bit. I was under the understanding Telstra owned 100% of the communications hardware, and other providers hired the equipment or bandwidth. Does it mean that optus or voda actually own some hardware out there, just less of it hence the coverage issues with them??

    I'm thinking Optus atm due to the plan pricing and from what I gather they are the second best for speeds / performance / coverage.

    Thanks for your help :)
  8. Telstra used to own all of the infrastructure and other carriers leased air time off them.
    Now days most of the infrastructure is owned by the individual companies.

    3G you will get in the Metro areas and 2G(roaming) when you are outside your 3G area.

    Not sure if you are aware but Hutchinson 3 and Vodafone have merged and are now VHA (Vodafone Hutchinson Australia).

    I am with 3 and there cap plans are the best value for money. Coverage is pretty good in Melb Metro but the minute you have a paddock either side of you you will be roaming.
    They used to charge $1.65 a meg for data when you roamed but they have reduced it to $0.50 a meg I think.
    I don't worry about it too much, I still use it when I need to.

    Opt-arse are exactly that in my opinion, they suck harder than a Kirby G6 but that is just my experience with them. Others swear by them, it's whatever works for you.

    I bought my phone from Opt-arse, unlocked it the same day and tossed the Opt-arse sim in the bin.

    My phone went from 1 bar to full strength when I replaced the Opt-arse sim with my 3 sim and I'm in Tarneit.

    I have a $79 prepaid telstra NextG phone wrapped in a plastic bag in my jacket in the event that I need coverage when 3 has none. Top it up every now and again, it's good insurance.

    Good luck making a choice, but bang for buck, you will be hard pressed getting a better deal than what VHA offer.

    Vodafone had major issues all year as they were upgrading their towers from 2.5G to 3G, now that the merger is complete, their coverage footprint is massive.
  9. from what i understand to get out of your contract you just have to pay your monthly repayment * however many months u have left. ie: if you want out of a 24 month $49 a month contradct after an year u have to pay 49 * 12 = 588 dollars.

    I was looking into this with vodafone, as i too wanted an iPhone but **** paying 600 bucks to upgrade. Its bullshit when u consider i was going to move to a higher plan and be with them for another 24 months. but whatever.
  10. Not always.

    Sometimes my phone swaps between 3G (NextG) and 2G (GSM) when out and about.

    It doesn't always happen, though. Whatever, it's not an issue if you are only concerned with actual coverage.

    As for NextG coverage, full strength in Omeo, NE Victoria on the weekend. Last year all I had was "emergency calls only" which I assume that it was picking up Optus' signal for that particular service.

    Actually, whereever we were on the weekend, I seemed to have no problems with coverage on NextG.

    The only thing is that it's not as cheap as the other providers particularly when it comes to data services. But if your primary concern is being able to make and receive calls, then I'd go with Telstra.

    As for the OP, if he's going for an iPhone, then he'd better pony up the extra dough to cover his data usage. News coverage last week on smartphone users copping what they called "bill shock" when they underestimate their phone usage and receiving bills with 4 or more digits in the "Amount Owing..." part of the bill.
  11. Vodafone's coverage is MASSIVE, Vic? That must surely be a misprint; as I noted in my thread questioning the best coverage, in two separate scenarios, not to mention my local shopping mall, Vodafone's coverage is woeful, and I'm only using that word because I can't use a worse one :roll:.
  12. Paul, in the metro area. Where previously you were passing Vodafone towers and not utilising them when you were on 3, now you do.

    Sorry, bad use of the Inglend langwige ;)
  13. Occasionally the GSM signal from the same base station works better than the Next G one, I've actually got my phone set to 3G only to save possible handovers between the GSM & Next G networks just in case.

    Could've been a network problem or a million other causes for last years problems.

    I don't know if they've merged the networks together as yet and it would be silly to have base stations 100m apart in some situations anyway??

    With "3" if you leave their 3G area you jump onto Telstras GSM or Next G network depending on your handset.

    Living in the Smellbee area 3 has a heap of base stations that were built for it by Telstra as a part of the 3GIS alliance they are both party to.

    As I mentioned earlier Telstra Next G is a national network so pretty much every base station has full 3G Next G installed, the others have a good metro network and in some cases 3G in the bigger towns but in some low population and data traffic areas it's still just plain old 2G GSM.
  14. telstra suck balls. my mate just quit working there. they are expensive and have even said this themselves.

    i just quit my broadband with them.

    i have been with vodafone for years and they have good deals on iPhones. my nokia 6300 is on it's last legs and i have priced them versus optus who also have good deals. but service has been good with vodafone so i will stick with them.

    optus was bought years ago by the singapore government from C & W and they will want to relist the company soon apparently so will want to bump up their market share so may be offering good deals on i/phones...check them out but maybe vodafone?

    NB, i do not work for any telco but like most people have dealt with them all at some stage.
  15. my old man is with vodaphone and i dont hear the end of it :p

    interesting discussion, as i need to upgrade my phone and cap plan in 20 or so days... and the iPhone keeps popping up XD :)
  16. How very topical of you ;)

    I'm with three, never had an issue in metro/semi rural areas (like where I live)

    Haven't noticed a change either way since the voda merger.
  17. I have a 3G with Vodafone.

    We have full 3G coverage from Gordonvale to parts of Port Douglas. Vodafone upgraded their 2G to Edge at the same time as they increased their 3G coverage. Edge has acceptable speeds for iPhone enhanced content (news apps etc...).

    Outside of their coverage area there is no real fallback. For me that means further inland than Mareeba, but I know of people who say Telstra don't really cover that far either (there is a whole lot of nothing in parts of up here).

    So far 3 and Vodafone are jointly owned but there's not much synergy going on. That might change next year, but I was with 3 when I lived in Melbourne and their plans and pricing were second to none. Customer service was good, but it was offshore, so communication could sometimes be a PITA.

    Everyone talks about Jailbreaking as if it's some sort of magic trick to get free apps. Most of my apps are already free from the store, the only ones I've paid for have been less than $2 and I've been happy with that as a price. Jailbreaking was good to get some of the features that were locked by Apple, but I think the only current locked feature is an FM radio in the 3GS that is rumoured to be released soon in a firmware update.

    I swore blind a few years ago that I didn't need and wasn't going to get an ipod. Then I got a Nano, 2nd Generation Nano, a Touch and then, when my WM6 device karked it, an iPhone. Oh, a Mac too. So far none of these purchases have disappointed and I've been happy with the lot.
  18. Hey
    Brownyy, this link might help in choosing a provider based on plans:


    Hope it helps a little.
    For my use, it's better I go with Voda.... but anyways... that's me. (I haven't bought an iPhone.... yet.... I still want to be able to use Java, so I may well end up getting one and jailbreaking it.)