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More padding for my bum!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Noticibly F.A.T, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. My gs500f seat is rock hard... Needs some softer foam in it, or possibly even some more foam.

    Does anyone know where to get this done? I thought of doing it myself, but mum reckons i'll wreck it.

  2. Bugger it, just get on the KFC failure bowls.
  3. Here's what I did a few days ago and tested today on a 4 hour ride.

    I had decided that, although my seat felt too hard after a while, it was actually because the foam was too soft and it was compressing to the point that I could feel the plastic seat base.

    So, I bought myself one of those blue 1cm thick hiking mattresses from Aussie Disposals, made a template from the seat with some baking paper and cut a piece out of the mattress it in the shape of the seat. I knew the foam in these mattresses was quite firm and should do the trick. A sharp pair of scissors is all you need for cutting. I also bought myself a heavy duty stapler and some 6mm staples from Total Tools.

    I removed enough staples from the seat cover as was needed to allow me to place the hiking foam piece into position and then stapled it back up.

    The verdict is that it's much more comfortable now. Obviously it's not like an arm chair, but it's comfortable enough for me to ride for a couple of hours without getting a sore bum.

    Total cost for the stapler and staples was about $85.00 and the foam mattress cost me $10.00.
  4. You could get an air hawk seat (google it), a corbin seat (google it), or add a thin layer (about 10-20mm) of foam from your local rubber /foam supplier (prefer not clark rubber, their staff aren't always that smart) just tell them the application and they will know what foam will be applicable.
  5. Alternatively, you could always get a pair of padded bicycle shorts :wink:
  6. I already have a staple gun, and some 6mm staples would be lying around somewhere...

    Got any more of that mattress? Any chance i could ride up and grab a slice? lol Or.... i'll pay for postage if your willing to post it to me? Cheers mate :)
  7. Unfortunately the missus pinched the rest of it for one of her projects. They're only $10.00 anyway.

    Make sure that stapler of yours will drive the staples into the hard plastic seat base.

    Here's the one I bought, although they were $80.00 from TT:


    I figured that if I wanted to sell the stapler for half price the seat mod would only have cost me around $50.00 so worth a try.
  8. I'll go get one tomorrow then and let you all know how i get on :)
  9. Yes you can do that, and it works to an extent, but feels pretty weird when walking about and who wants to make their ass look even fatter?