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More NSW Police brutality - Mardi Gras 2013

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Unconnected, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Evening netrider,

    Just saw this video as linked by some friends, shows the police violently slamming a young, thin, tiny man to the ground face first while his hands were cuffed behind his back. According to people in the video, the coppers had also slammed him head first into the ground moments before filming, hence why the person started recording.

    The guy is clearly drug affected, it seems the coppers love to get in their face and intimidate them until they start freaking out so the cops can beat the shit out of them to no benefit. Except for the fact it makes the pricks feel better.

    Cant embed because im a spaz, but follow the link;

    Im indifferent to the whole gay rights thing, what people do is their own business, but gay rights supporter or not this is simply disgusting. Also disgusting that the cops try to violate the film makers rights to video their assault of this non criminal.

    Interested to hear the thoughts of nrs on this situation. I personally reported the officer to crime stoppers for assault and attempted murder.
  2. The answer, as always, is the police have special training.

    Police are trained in how to slam your head into concrete safely.

    But as for you, civilian, remember: ONE PUNCH CAN KILL!
  3. One word, cowardly.

    He looks like he'd had a long night, was feeling shitty and the little guy was one annoyance too many, possibly some prejudices in their being mardi gras night, but it was just out of line and cowardly
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    No doubt spruce will be defending it. If the tables were turned, the other guy would be arrested and the cop would get a nice fat payout on behalf of you and me for the trauma he'd been through. Dick cheese.
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    Clearly something happened off camera, that resulted with the cop slamming the guy to the ground. Also the guy wasnt very cooperative and quite frankly starting to get annoying...............I may question cops and what they do ALL THE TIME, but I know under that same situations i would have behaved and follow simple instructions.

    As for their facebook page................"DEADLY POLICE BRUTALITY, A YOUNG MAN WAS NEARLY KILLED BY THIS OFFICER" they are joking right, way to over exaggerate?
  6. He fell on to concrete wearing cuffs. This can very easily kill someone.
  7. *nods* you can hear the thud quite clearly and see the force in which he throws him to the ground, normally i'm not on the bandwagon but in this instance i truly believe it was over the top - regardless of what the officer has to put up with or what the guy has done....he's in handcuff's...no way to protect himself from the fall and altho he was talking absolute shit he wasn't appearing to be violent in anyway (even if he threw a kick out when the camera pans down it still doesn't justify the officer's action's when there are other officer's there to assist him in securing the prisoner/suspect.)
  8. Accordin to police that's EXACTLY what's going on..... Remember, one punch can kill.
  9. more news out this morning was that the offender was belligerent and assaulted an officer prior to what was shown in the vid

    this could also be a setup where this drugged up fcukwit told a mate to get his camera out and record the result of him abusing the cops to make himself look like a victim...for a laugh or whateva

    you dont get put into cuffs for no reason at all.

    there are many for/against arguments here...but the bottom line is if you're gonna get fcuked up on drugs and alcohol and be a pain-in-the-ass-up-yourself-cockhead, then deal with the fcukin consequences cos you can't blame or finger point anyone but yourself.

    no sympathy.
  10. The full story is not yet known or shown so NR will run rife with hate and speculation much the same as thousands on Facebook.

    Quote "it seems the coppers love to get in their face and intimidate them until they start freaking out so the cops can beat the shit out of them to no benefit."
    Where on the video is this ? Or is this an unsubstantiated assumption.

    "I personally reported the officer to crime stoppers for assault and attempted murder."
    That's quite serious. Why didn't you go to a Police Station and make a complaint ?
  11. One slap could kill one trip could kill, fcuk me if every time we hear a thud like that then every game of footy would be banned and every kid running around and tripping over themselves would be made to wear helmets.......

    Assault id stomach......attempted murder and nearly killing the guy would be a pretty huge exaggeration. Im not a fool and dont live in a walled off privileged life....................IMO theres other more news worthy stuff happening locally and globally.

    In todays video crazed world i also wouldnt put past a setup. But as Mav says "if you're gonna get fcuked up on drugs and alcohol and be a pain-in-the-ass-up-yourself-cockhead, then deal with the fcukin consequences cos you can't blame or finger point anyone but yourself"......

  12. If footy was played on concrete I'm sure it would be banned.
  13. The cop did nothing wrong. At 0:56 the cuffed guy kicked the cop, he was then immediately taken to the ground and restrained. At 1:12 you can her someone in the crowd say "he just kicked a police officer". The cuffed guy was charged with assault police, resist arrest and offensive behaviour.
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  14. mmm so um. if thats the police assault... and he was charged with resisting arrest... does that mean the initial arrest, including being thrown to the ground hard enough to cause the bleeding and draw a crowd was the other charge... SWEARING??

    the guy swore and ended up getting arrested like this? yeah thats entirely justified... considering swearing itself is not necessarily illegal. sounds like the police are grasping at straws to find any excuse.
  15. That was a grotesque, sickening excess of force, whatever the pipsqueak did.
  16. it looked like he may have been taking a step forward to me... and was rapidly thrown backwards... dumb to walk off but deserving of that reaction?

    "someone in the crowd" or one of the police trying to calm the crowd?

    sorry, but again.. if the assault and resisting arrest came about AFTER he was thrown to the ground and drew a crowd then what exactly did he do wrong? (aside from my personal view that drugged up little half naked wanker boys in wings are indecent) it's easy to say "oh he was on drugs he deserves it" but how the hell would you know? he's probably concussed and he's definately in a stressful situation - notice there's no charges relating to anyone other than the police, which is always dubious, what reason did they have for attacking approaching him in the first place?
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    All I can see from the footage was that the bloke wasn't being docile and compliant in the face of authority. He may have been drunk and/or on drugs (likely, but still conjecture), but even so, it's completely by-the-by. Whatever he may or may not have done leading up to incident, the cop has lost his rag in a way he clearly shouldn't, and he's done something foolish and violent to a bloke who was unable to protect himself. I don't see that that can be argued against.

    You might say all that he was doing was imprudent and he got what he deserved. The truth is he was being impudent and got what was coming to him.

    It speaks volumes that the other police were trying to prevent anything being filmed. It meant something like this was on the cards; that it's what police do, just that it doesn't do to get caught doing it.
  18. Doesn't matter what he did, the police have a duty of care to a prisoner. If the cops let their guard down and he ran away in cuffs and tripped that would be the cops fault. As soon as he was cuffed the cops should have sat him down so he couldn't have hurt himself, simple as that. A body slam of a cuffed prisoner is absolutely disgusting.
  19. It appeared to be an approved UOF (use of force) takedown technique, not a "body slam". He had just assaulted a cop by kicking him, what do you think is going to happen? He was taken down and restrained to stop him assaulting and kicking further, as the cop was 100% right to do.