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More Negative Press for M/Cyclists

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nodz, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. How's this for some negative press

    For the past month NUW members at Kemalex Plastics in Dandenong South have been taking industrial action over the company's push to make all new employees independent contractors - that is small businesses.

    Thee workers are factory workers, making plastics components for cars and if the company suceeds, they will be forced to give up the basic rights we all enjoy like sick leave, annual leave, long service leave, redundancy and unfair dismissal protections: shift and overtime penalties.

    They will also have to take out their own public liability insurance and will live with the threat of instant dismissal if they refuse any request from their employer.

    The NUW representative has been out at the picket line for the last month giving support to mainly migrant women workers.

    (Now for the nasty bit)
    Under some pretty trying circumstances, a gang of men on motorbikes was used to break the picket line a couple of weeks ago, and the process workers were sent to the women's houses at night to issue them with threatening letters.

    Despite threats and intimidation our members have stood firm and are determined to see this fight through to the end.

    Great huh? So now we as motorcylcists are being included with the facist bully boys who used standover tactics to intimidate female workers. Most of these people have probably had a negative image or motorcyclists made even worse.
  2. It's as much "negative press for process workers" as it is "negative press for motorcyclists", surely?

    I think it's drawing a bit of a long bow to imply this item would have any effect on people's view of riders generally.
  3. Question is, why bother mentioning that the picket line was broken up by men on motorcyclists why not just mention the picket line had to be broken up?
  4. did they actually break them up on their motorcycles? Or did they get off and then do it?
  5. Noot sure, it's just the conotations and conclusions that are jumped to, like myself am guilty of.
  6. I would have thought some kind of motorcycle cow-catcher would be in order if you were going to break them up using motorcycles.
  7. If they rode at the picket line, then the fact they were on bikes is relevant.

    If they parked their bikes up the road first, then it's no more relevant than if they'd come by Commodore.

    Then again - if they'd arrived on pogo sticks or Segways we'd think it was worth mentioning, so why not bikes?
  8. Also you read of Police on horseback breaking up demonstrations.
    I think it was just reported as seen.
    The real thugs are not the motorcyclists but the goons who got them to do it.
  9. Mmmm...

    Being tard by the same brush because motorcycles have been mentioned in relation to an activity (picket breaking) that has nothing to do with bikes per se...

    Do we feel equally indignant when other groups suffer the same fate?

    ... such as people from interstate :wink:
  10. Personally I get more upset at accident reports.
    Have you ever noticed it's always
    "A motorcyclist was killed when he collided with a car at..."
    The phrasing always makes it look like it's the rider at fault.

  11. What's wrong with being a subbie?
    Think of all the tax deductions you can get?
    And the write offs?
    I work with a lot of subbies and NONE of them would ever want to go back onto wages.
    The only people that are against being a subbie are those that can't hack a decent days work.
    You get paid what you are worth, and good subbies earn outstanding incomes.
    If you want to bludge on the other hand you will struggle.
    It's simply a matter of choice.
    If you don't like a situation leave it!
    I like to get paid as much as I can and not what every one else is happy with!
    Don't let anyone tell you other wise..
    Regarding the bikies that broke up the picket line.
    Is it true ?Who reported it?Has it been substantiated and by whom?
  12. AMEN dude!! Unions are for sheep!
  13. Spoken like a true ozzie , I'm ok f*&k you jack
  14. Actually, spoken like a person with their own opinion not everyone elses :)
  15. Exactly, look at the Longford explosion. Without unions forcing employers to abide by costly safety regulations we could be having incidents like that on a much more regular basis. And without unions the companies would be free to blame the individuals involved without accepting responsibility for the disaster themselves.

    I have worked in de-unionised workplaces and have come close to losing my life several times because of the companies disregard for worker safety. In these same workplaces I have seen people fired for raising concerns (it is still very easy to get around unfair dismissal laws, the same laws that Costello wants further weakened)

    'Unions are for sheep!' - who said fascism was dead
  16. Has'nt any one out there hear of work cover?

    They are not something you hear about in a pub ,They are very real and do an outstanding job.
    Are you people up with all the current changes to the workcover Act in Victoria? :eek:
    Especially in regards to sub contractors......

    What do you want with a union or any one for that matter,telling what is safe and what is'nt when you have got a team of experts backed by a statutory authority?
    No employer in their right mind would say boo to an employee or subbie complaining about something that is unsafe.
    Please check out the new Act and legistalation its a fantastic piece of work that covers everyone and is very low on tolerance for non conformity!
    Go Bracksie! You are on a winner! :D
  17. And this is a great example of industry and government largesse :roll:

    Do you honestly think a piece of legislation like this would have gotten off the ground (or even been drafted) without considerable pressure from particular groups. Which groups?

    Thats right, unions! Industry has fought tooth and nail against Workcover since its inception. Unions have been pushing for a statutory body for decades (or more correctly, increased powers for the statutory body)