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More MUARC crap

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. I bet these cunts will impose seatbelts and helmets with fluro blankets next to a speed camera to save us from ourselves.
    What a monumental waste of taxpayers money researching this shite.

  2. 144 young and middle age people hurt themselves falling out of bed how embarrest would you be ? more sheilers than blokes too probs got pushed out lol
  3. Couldn't care less about the topic of the article it's more who was conducting the research for such a useless research.
  4. they will probs recomend a speed limit on sex in bed to justify the spending
  5. or introduce a liscencing program
  6. You'll find most of these people are doing postdoctoral fellowship of some kind. To get (i believe it is) a masters degree, you require to do a research topic. Obviously, you can't do your research topic on curing cancer, that costs millions of dollars, and takes many years. So they will do research in smaller, less ventured topics since the only point is to demonstrate method, rather than outcome.
  7. A very sneaky way indeed for them to justify installing cameras in our bedrooms, the dirty perverts!
  8. ive got several in mine wana see some pics?

  9. Do a search on muarc here first.
    We pay them through our taxes and they shaft us with advice for draconian road laws to save us from ourselves, now they are researching people falling out of fucking BEDS
  10. isnt yhat wot beds are for smee?
  11. I know the government provide funding. How "draconian" the laws are, are outside the scope of their research. Their scope was to advise the best way to acheive something... Not the fairest.
    Also, i don't see anywhere in that news article it says they are researching people falling out of bed, just that there is data of it. I would think they collect data on most accidents causing injury. They do research in that area after all.
  12. Did you SEARCH muarc in these forums?
    They not only research they make recommendations favourable to the government for funding.
    READ the forums find out the information and stop defending these fucktards or are you one of them?
  13. So how does that compare with people injured on motorcycles or, say, horseriding?

  14. Yes, because netrider is a main source of accurate and in-partial information

    No, the government gives them the scope of the research, and the government tunnels the scope to give them answers they want... That isn't the research teams fault, it is the governments

    You still haven't pointed out the justification of your claim that this research was about people falling out of bed.

    Quite possible that it was information gathered at the beginning of this thesis
  15. Again if you don't bother reading the threads here there is no point talking to you.
  16. MUARC have a whole section which sticks it's research nose into every injury causing aspect of living a life in a normal everyday society. I stumbled onto it not that long ago and it's astounding what they've looked into. I'm sure if it's directed reporting by revenue stream either. http://www.monash.edu.au/muarc/VISU/ The Victorian Injury Surveilance Unit.

    You can find out more about them here: http://www.monash.edu.au/muarc/VISU/about.html

    This page: http://www.monash.edu.au/muarc/VISU/hazard/hazard.html is a good one if you're looking for injury stats or reports by topic. There are 10 different reports on finger jams for example but only two on motorcycling (<-- that's an interesting one given how many mentions of motorcycling there are in MUARC's main area). Horse riding has 6.

    Sounds like the article in the OP has latched onto one of VISU's recent publications.

    Edit: Second the view that MUARC have a biased agenda. The upper levels of MUARC are entrenched in roadsafety politics and machinery and are utterly behind using stats to paint a picture of motorcycling that does us no favours. That's why we need the likes of Prof Wigan to keep them honest. The whole Vic GLS proposal is based on a discredited MUARC report.

    BUT having said that, there are some less publicised outcomes from their research which shows big benefits in hazard perception from being a motorcyclist and how training which includes attitude as well as skill can have a big impact on rider safety.
  17. Some years ago I was one of a number of riders who participated in a research project at MUARC (hazard perception, FWIW). I did it because I wanted to find out how they worked. I do think that the people who designed the tests and gathered data were sincere about wanting to produce solid, worthwhile research for the greater good.

    What came out the other end included that research, but was hijacked at the conclusion stage. It included recommendations that went beyond the facts and where clearly politically driven. It convinced me that MUARC management were being compromised by their association with the government of the day (and its agencies).

    The problem is not necessarily the research itself - it's the spin that gets applied to it by senior staff and 'partners'.

    (Probably no 'partners' to stick their fingers into research about people falling out of bed!)
  18. People have been using harnesses and a safety word for years.
  19. Didn’t we at netrider raise the topic of falls after the stats were released by the ABS? What was it 540 Victorians died from falls in 2009?

    Muarc using funds effectively again. Cough!