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More MotoGP pics

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by raven, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. I've put up some of the shots I snapped at the MotoGP last week-end...
    Enjoy. :)

    Just click on the appropriate link when you get to my website..


  2. Thanks for sharing. Good clear pics.

    Do you mind me asking what camera gear are you using ?
  3. nice pics. U choose a nice spot to take photos.
    Which corner were u on??
  4. Exif data shows a canon 10D with a 400mm lens
    similar to what I used except I have the hacked 300D
    Great shots!
  5. Yep..Smee is right. :)
    It's a 10D using a Canon 100 to 400mm "L" lens with I.S.
    Glad you like the shots.
  6. Nice shots Raven...

    Especially like the Minolta shot. Hard to believe that he could get it over any further than that!

    What PP'ing did you perform on those?
  7. Bloody nice pics, as usual John :)
  8. thanks for the pics, makes it a little easier to come to terms with the fact that i wasnt there :)
  9. I like the second Melandri one. It'd make an awesome background for my PC (as if I ever see it with all the windows open).

    By the way, love the blackbird.
  10. I was moving around between Siberia and Hayshed depending on where the sun was during the day.
    And just at the start of Lukey Heights...
  11. They are really really nice shots!!
  12. Hi Mario

    They've been "developed" in Photoshop.
    A little tweaking on the levels as well as some USM, both strategically and overall.
  13. :worthlesspics: is what you should have said to the security dude on Saturday John.No wonder he cracked it with clarity like that.
    Outstanding stuff John.Can even see the heat shimmer from the exhaust on a few shots.